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User Info: Nextgengamer666

8 years ago#1
I seem to get only 1-2 stars for the dancing parts. The highest I got was 3 stars but it was for an easy song like Heal the World. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I feel like it's not reading the controller well or something.
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User Info: kroqjroq18

8 years ago#2
same here...i think we just have no rhythm lol
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User Info: matthewlaramore

8 years ago#3
I'm good but I've been dancing like MJ for almost 10 years, the main thing is actually having the move controller in the exact position as shown in the pictogram despite the fact that the hologram dancer doesn't really put his body in the same positions. Also on some songs, oddly enough, some moves actually have to be done before the hologram even does his, which makes it feel strange because it makes your next move (especially if it's one that has to be spot on) harder to pull off correctly. Most of the time the move should be done right as the pictogram enters the ring and end when it blinks, so pretty much you have a split second to start and end the move. Sometimes it helps to just watch the hologram dancer and follow him, however like I said some moves are done "perfectly" out of sync with the dancer and the music, but it's not the case most of the time.

User Info: Me_Is_Pacman

8 years ago#4
I started off horrible and am getting better. This game is a good teacher.

User Info: andyp3500

8 years ago#5
Im finding the dancing hard aswell, and I got 5 star in every song on the Wii version, i do the moves exactly the same but only seem to get ok's

User Info: foxykittykit

8 years ago#6
Practice makes perfect. I just got the game about four days ago, and I will stand there and play it for hours at a time per day. The first day I had the game, I wasn't getting any stars or, if I was lucky, one. The next day, I was getting one and two stars. The next two and three, even a four and a five. Today, I got about three fours, and I almost got a second five. The more familiar you are with the moves from playing it, the better you will be with the timing, seeing as you're not still new to the whole thing.
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