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User Info: king_eric

8 years ago#1
anybody able to upload to facebook?
i keep trying and it always says photo not published.
anybody get facebook to work as had no problems with trophy info updating to facebook and other games like need for speed and sims3.

User Info: J_CoN

8 years ago#2
I am having the same problem with this also. Here's what I'm trying to figure out, aren't the settings made to link your trophies with your Facebook account and uploading photos on the same wavelength? This is confusing, as I'm only gonna do this for that one trophy and then delete the evidence.

User Info: king_eric

8 years ago#3
i reported it to ubisoft on facebook go add your name to the list as they stating it working fine.
search ubisoft support.

User Info: cjplaya

8 years ago#4
i havnt had any problem with mine at all
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User Info: sweapon

8 years ago#5
do you guys have problems with the camera images appearing too dark? cause in my pics and videos i can barely see me
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User Info: ts_hoots

8 years ago#6
no problems here

User Info: king_eric

8 years ago#7
it's all down to what model you own.
it's some fat models that can't do it with this game.
ubisoft now working on it from the several emails they sent me.

User Info: A_Nile_Ate_Her

8 years ago#8
did they give you a date for when it's gonna work better?

User Info: king_eric

8 years ago#9
nope just they are aware of the issue with some fat models and to stay tuned to the website and expect a patch in the near future.
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