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  3. Its a shame they could not release this at Christmas.....

User Info: Brummie_lad123

8 years ago#1
Unfortunately even though this version is superior to the Wii version I do not think its going to sell at all, the Wii version sold fantastically well however the hype has now died down for the game and I can see this bombing on Xbox 360, I mean look at this board, its absolutely dead!

Oh well I will love it, just a shame because if it sells well enough they may release download content!
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User Info: MysticRhythms87

8 years ago#2
Well, a Christmas release would have definitely helped sales, but you can't always get what you want.

I think the 360 version will sell moderately, since not everyone has/had a Wii, and after that version got slammed by critics, many hoped (and some knew) that the 360 version would be superior, so with the extra anticipation, odds are it will do well.

So far the Wii version has sold over 3 million copies worldwide, so I could imagine the 360 (and probably the PS3 version as well) to do about 250,000 in its first week here in the States, and will probably hit 1 million worldwide. Just an estimate, though; numbers were never my strong point.
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User Info: Darkmoon06

8 years ago#3
Not to mention Kinect has been an amazing (and completely unforeseen) success. Add that to the fact that a lot of people who bought Kinect fall into the "casual gaming" crowd who often play games as a social entertainment (parties or with family) which this game excels at and you've got a pretty likely candidate for high sells, especially with the Michael label attached.

It likely won't do as well as the Wii and you're right in assuming it would have done better at Christmas. However I get the feeling this isn't the sort of release they expect to see an instant million sold but instead one that will sell well over an extended period. In other words instead of moving a million units in the first week but then dropping off quickly like many Triple-A but more genre-specific games it will instead probably sell a hundred-thousand or so in its first week, but continue to sell decently over a longer period. Namely as the more casual crowd goes into the stores just looking for a new party game (many of them not watching the game scene like a hawk) and then they see this game and go "Oh this looks like a good time" and pick it up.

It's just a theory, but seems a likely one.
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User Info: NewSinsation

8 years ago#4
I imagine it will do well. The Wii, DS and PSP versions did so well even though they were critically panned. Like this version, it seems that the gamers playing the game enjoyed it more than the critics did. The boards for those versions were super slow as well, but the game still sold 3 million. I don't think the number of posts on a board is indicative of how well a game is selling.

User Info: A_Nile_Ate_Her

8 years ago#5
i dunno man the facebook page is pretty lit up and people are all into it as far as i can tell... but maybe sales speak louder thann fun

User Info: NewSinsation

8 years ago#6
I WOULD be intereted to see how well the Kinect version alone has sold after a month has passed since it's release. I'll have to try to look that up when the time comes.
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  3. Its a shame they could not release this at Christmas.....
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