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User Info: LifeIsABigGame

2 months ago#1
The last time I played this game was about 2 weeks ago. I started up the game on Saturday and I had to do an update. My question is: what is in the new update?
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User Info: wayno109

1 month ago#2
I've been playing a lot over the summer after not having the game for years and just got an update as well. Only thing I've noticed so far is that all my Apollonian and Artemesian rings have been unequipped and removed from the game and they are not dropping anymore. Not sure why they would do that so many years after not adding any content, but it sucks.

User Info: wayno109

1 month ago#3
Update: I just checked again tonight and they were still missing, but I did a chapter 8 run on normal got 1 Apollonian ring drop and after the chapter was over I had a few of each ring that had been missing, but still about half of the total I had before. Weird, I know they were gone because every character that had them equipped had an empty slot where it was equipped and I had none in inventory to replace.

User Info: firedraco2

1 month ago#4
If you have downloaded a lot of other updates in the meantime it might have gotten removed; I heard the 360 does that for some reason.
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