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User Info: Akubarix

8 months ago#21
KSA_ZACK posted...
I envy you guys. Wish this was backwards compatible on PS4 (and not on the crappy PS Now service).

I mean, I still have my PS3 with the game in it, but I rarely use the system if ever these days.

Sadly, this us why I almost missed out on the PS4 this gen. The xb1 offered BC once we planted our boots up their ass after the "we own you, buy our console" s***.
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User Info: koolaidmatt

8 months ago#22
Woooooooooo finalllllllyyyyyyy!!!!! Believe this and csgo were my first 2 choices for BC!

This makes me happy! I wonder if we’ll ever get any more updates/dlc?
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User Info: knightmere122

8 months ago#23
Is the online still active?

I played the PS3 version years ago but starting new on X1. I heard this version buffed the magic users?
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User Info: Hayato Nekketsu

Hayato Nekketsu
8 months ago#24
knightmere122 posted...
Is the online still active?

I played the PS3 version years ago but starting new on X1. I heard this version buffed the magic users?

The 360 version always ran better and less glitchy than the PS3 version (but no offline co-op). Offhand the only character differences I remember is that the 360's Maria's MP regenerates faster and her hymn notes cost less MP and have holy element and I think there was something about Simon but I can't remember it now.

User Info: ChaosJohnson

8 months ago#25
Hello all! Been lurking around waiting for this moment....

It's great to see some of the old guard back indeed!

It was fun playing each level once or twice again after years of not playing. I managed to climb the outer wall in Chapter 9 first try, but it wasn't pretty. Had an epic defeat of R. The Count as Simon with two Soma players dead in the boss room and just over a minute on the clock.

Overall great times again and I look forward to playing with some of you again. Feel free to add me too.

I'm wondering if this will be a Games with Gold title in the future, that would really get the community going again...
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User Info: WHS_MATT

8 months ago#26
My gt is solidsnake5389 if anyone wants help or wants to play

User Info: Hiryu_no_Ken

8 months ago#27
Oh my goooood, I forgot how fun this stupid game is. Was delighted to find people playing the late DLC stages too.

Between this and Lost Planet 2 and Hard Core Uprising, I think just about every multiplayer 360 game I wanted on the Xbox One is there now.

User Info: ShinUkyo

8 months ago#28
Glad to see familiar faces here (some with new tags, haha, but anyway.) This is my most-played XBLA game; most-played 360 game in general actually. This has been my most-wanted Backwards Compatible title since the program was announced. Every week I'd read about the newly added titles, and HOD was never one of them. Even that one week when they added all the other missing Castlevania titles. This has made me gleeful. If anyone wants to play, drop me a line. My gamertag is the same as on here. Even despite an insane number of clears, I never got my +1 version of a few key weapons (including Valmanway.) Time to change that?

User Info: dunn_dolo_4life

8 months ago#29
And we back in here. Long time no see guys.
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User Info: JesterBelmont

7 months ago#30
Heck yes! Invite meeeeee
GT: BFMxJester
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