Anyone still playing??? 2017

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User Info: EmptyElegies

1 year ago#1
Just wondering if anyone would play with me for a while, i love this game so much, but the community is pretty dead

User Info: Illuminaa

1 year ago#2
Maybe ill play it sometime, it's been forever.
GT : Celestial Letum

User Info: Chadwicked444

1 year ago#3
i play now and then
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User Info: ItzPeteyPablo

1 year ago#4
I'll play my gt is in my sig so add me if you want
GT:Itz Petey Pablo
PSN: ItzPeteyPablo

User Info: Fawie43

1 year ago#5
Just picked the game up actually. Wouldn't mind the company.
360/Steam: Fawie42
The blood and the thunder demand a bed with pillows of softest down! SOFTEST DOWN, DAMN YOU!

User Info: Collium

1 year ago#6
I'm waiting for someone else to join currently. I only have Chapter 1-6 & 10 though. I'm on XBox 360. Gamertag is InanisSanguinum

User Info: vipermckay

1 year ago#7
Wish this game would become backwards compatible. Would bring in more people to play
"Hank if you're steering then who's taking off your shirt!!!" -Dale Gribble

User Info: sorrykissingyou

1 year ago#8
Hi. How I wish to play, but I cannot now.
This is my new account here.

User Info: Gimmickss

1 year ago#9
Thinking about buy another 360 so I can play this. Been craving to play it for some time. Wish this would come to xb1.

User Info: Stoneus

1 year ago#10
Just picked up this game again after a long few years. PSN Stone-L-P forgot a lot of stuff, but I have everything. 2 theif rings, 3 miser rings, sonic boots, etc. Please add!
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