Subweapon Leveling and You

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User Info: Nytegard

6 years ago#71
It's ashame that there isn't any armor which acts like a Mastery Ring. I mean, if the Ebisu acts like a Thief Ring, and the Fuma gear has a chaos ring property, Retro Gear should have a Mastery Ring property. And for being unfair to Maria/Yoko/Shanoa? They only have to level up like 4 spells at most to max their effectiveness, vs the whip users who have 10+ weapons to be concerned about.

User Info: MetalHeadache

6 years ago#72
Thanks for the info. If anyone is up for survival grinding feel free to add me. I'm online quite a bit and am pretty much always willing to drop what I'm doing for anything Castlevania related... especially when it makes life easier.
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User Info: Dry_Bones4

6 years ago#73
If this question has already been answered, I'm sorry for being blind.

Are the state increases for each level gained the same regardless of the current level going up?
I mean, if I go from 8 to 9 with the cross, will it be more or the exact same stat increase as going from 1 to 2 with the ricochet rock?
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User Info: Delmaru

6 years ago#74
No, it's not always the same. Sometimes it's 1 Atk, sometimes 2 Atk, and sometimes even 0 Atk at all, especially with Jonathon. I don't know if it depends on the subweapon or the overall level, but maxed out, they're the same in the end.

User Info: Braindead_Pan

4 years ago#75
For Level 8-9 (and arguably 7-8) Thenarus found it's actually faster for both players to load on two Master Rings and a Mana Prism and just take turns unloading on Gergoth. The boost in Mastery per hit at that point is more valuable than the number of times hit as Gergoth is going to die before the end of the five minutes anyway, so you're better off getting the most increase possible in that window.

It's also stupid fast to level holy water and firebomb on Menace with two Master Rings (and the whole range of mana potions), so not worth doing Survival Grind for those items.
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User Info: BombermanX

4 years ago#76
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This is a good reference but I am afraid this is not the whole facts. I tend to believe my sixth sense that perhaps there are more elements affecting the speed of level up, and maybe not all characters (and their weapons) are measuring the same way. Again this is a good idea to try to solve some mystery but in the same time this is also an unbelievable discovery. For example I would have the same suspect of Hits mentioned in page 6.
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User Info: Ogreatgames

8 months ago#78
What can I say.. Precise! awesome info. mate.
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User Info: Enthusigasm

7 months ago#79
What do the individual numbers mean? The 0/1/2 and so forth? What does it mean?!

User Info: ZeroBeats Ghost

ZeroBeats Ghost
7 months ago#80
Enthusigasm posted...
What do the individual numbers mean? The 0/1/2 and so forth? What does it mean?!

There is an item in the game that you can buy from the Item Shop after you beat the game (as in, Chapter 6) on Normal. It's called the Master Ring.

Here's how leveling up subweapons usually works: On Normal difficulty, hitting an enemy once with, say, the Knife as one of the whippers without any Master Rings equipped will give the Knife one point of XP.

If you had one Master Ring equipped in one of your accessory slots, a single Knife hit will give you 3 XP instead of just one. If you have two Master Rings equipped, a single Knife hit will give you 4 XP.

Hitting enemies with subweapons on Hard will give you more XP per hit, hence the different values.

The 0/1/2 denotes the values for when someone has zero Master Rings equipped, one Master Ring equipped, and two Master Rings equipped.

No Master Ring: 1 XP per hit
1 Master Ring: 3 XP per hit
2 Master Rings: 4 XP per hit

No Master Ring: 4 XP per hit
1 Master Ring: 8 XP per hit
2 Master Rings: 12 XP per hit

If you want to level up your subweapons faster, you're going to want to invest in two Master Rings, in other words. But even then, it'll be a long grind. Hope that helps!
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