Luck and Boss Chests (Final Answer)

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User Info: xX_PsYcH0SIS_Xx

7 years ago#11
Is there any luck boots for the males?

User Info: maathimself

7 years ago#12
Crap, I was really hoping it was the person who opened the chest, it would make things much simpler. I am glad that it's finally cleared up, though.
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User Info: Drayfe

7 years ago#13
Is there any luck boots for the males?

The only boots that seem to increase luck for males is Retro Boots, and those only apply to Jonathan, Richter, Julius, and Simon.
XBL GT: Drayfe

User Info: TheSerpentMage

7 years ago#14
Vindication. All the long playing players have said that the luck of the person that opens the chest has no noticable bearing on the drops that come out, and it turns out we were totally correct. So basically the only way to use this information effectively is for everyone on the team to be running high luck gear during the boss fight.

This does show how misleading empirical evidence is. So many people opening chests in high luck gear either solo or as a team were toally off base and any positive results were purely as a result of the RNG.

User Info: ninininja1

7 years ago#15
This is a rather big WTF.
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User Info: firedraco2

7 years ago#16
^I don't know about you guys, but I always wore my str gear through the stage and changed into luck before I fought the boss...Too lazy to go back and change it after I killed him.

User Info: TheSerpentMage

7 years ago#17
Taking this into consideration, the best way to get good drops is to solo the game yourself wearing max luck gear. The boss health will be at it's minimum while he deals his minimum damage levels. You are guaranteed to get the last hit in.

User Info: TheSerpentMage

7 years ago#18
Also this does leave us wondering what if anything affects all the other chests on a chapter.

User Info: jhoke13

7 years ago#19
Very interesting news. Now I would like to know if wearing Soul Eater rings increases the chance of a boss dropping its soul. And if so, do you have to trigger the chest drop for it to take effect or not.

EDIT: On that note I decided to send Konami a ticket myself asking about the effects of the Soul Eater Ring.
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User Info: TheSerpentMage

7 years ago#20
I would imagine that taking this new information in mind, soul eater rings would only come into effect if you landed the killing blow on the boss.
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