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User Info: brutalhits

1 year ago#181
Chapter 1: Blue Knuckles (Alucard), Daybreak (Alucard), Spiked Boots, Hercules Ring
Chapter 2: Holbein Dagger (Alucard)
Chapter 3: Lapiste (Shanoa), Heaven Sword (Alucard), Slick Boots
Chapter 4: Pneuma (Shanoa), Daybreak (Alucard), Olrox's Suit (Soma, Alucard), Gold Ring
Chapter 5: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Masamune (Soma, Alucard), Milican's Sword (Soma, Alucard), Holy Veil (women), Moonwalkers
Chapter 6: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Daybreak (Alucard), Vorpal Blade (Alucard), Mercury Boots, Satan's Ring (Soma)
Chapter 7: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Mercury Boots, Kalasiris (purple/boss), Uraeus (purple/boss
Chapter 8: Mercury Boots, Slide Boots, Artemisian/Apollonian ring (green/purple/boss)
Chapter 9: Daikoku Raiment, Fool's Tablet (purple/boss), Philosopher's Stone (Yoko/Maria)
Chapter 10: Dextro Custos (Shanoa), Sinestro Custos (Shanoa), R. Boomerang (whippers) R. Firebomb (whippers), Feather Boots, Mercury Boots, Retro Cloak (whippers), Satan's Ring (Soma)
Chapter 11: Healing Mail (whippers/Shanoa), Thief Ring, Muramasa (Soma, Alucard), Luminatio (Shanoa), Ebisu Raiment

Chapter 1: Mjollnjr (Soma), Spiked Mail (Whippers), Combo Boots, Tough Ring, Staurolite (whippers, purple/boss)
Chapter 2: Muramasa (Soma, Alucard), Healing Mail (whippers/Shanoa), Thief Ring
Chapter 3: Lapiste (Shanoa), Nebula (Soma), Chaos Ring
Chapter 4: Alucard Sword (Alucard), Gungner (Soma), Feather Gear
Chapter 5: Death's Scythe (Soma), Ancient Armor, Berserker Mail, Death's Robe
Chapter 6: Valmanway (Soma, Alucard), Claimh Solais (Soma), Dracula's Tunic (Alucard/Soma), Impervious Mail, Minerva's Mail (Shanoa) , Simon's Plate (whippers), Winged Boots
Chapter 7: Valmanway (Soma, Alucard), Badelaire (Alucard), Royal Crown, Robe Decollete (women), Winged Boots, Miser Ring
Chapter 8: Valmanway (Soma, Alucard), Simon's Cloak (whippers), Winged Boots, Impervious Helm (purple/boss)
Chapter 9: Alucard Sword +1 (Alucard), Kaiser Knuckle +1 (Soma, Alucard), Sonic Boots, Philosopher's Stone (Yoko/Maria)
Chapter 10: Dextro Custos (purple/boss), Sinestro Custos (purple/boss), R. Boomerang (purple/boss), R. Firebomb (purple/boss), Retro Plate (whippers), Retro Boots (whippers), Retro Helmet (whippers), Feather Boots, Valmanway +1 (Soma, Alucard), Claimh Solais +1 (Soma), Staurolite (whippers, green), Satan's Ring (Soma), Mercury Boots
Chapter 11:
All Purple Chests: Bishamon Raiment
Oxocutioner Chest: Fuma's Greaves
Chimyriad Chest: Fuma's Armor
Decapiclops Chest: Fuma's Helm
Boss Chest: Chaos Ring, Nebula (Soma), Muramasa +1 (Soma, Alucard), Yasutsuna +1 (Soma, Alucard), Luminatio (Shanoa) , Fuma's Armor, Fuma's Helm, Fuma's Greaves (fuma gear is for all whippers + fuma)


I feel like it was on the list at some point?? But I found Mercury Boots on Ch10 hard so I added them there.
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: MarthsCape

1 year ago#182
No. The ps3 version IS dead. It has NO players. That's why I said that.
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User Info: Bluharvest

1 year ago#183
rip castlevania
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User Info: Ogreatgames

10 months ago#184
6years ago. Still worth it. thanks for the effort mate. needing this.
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User Info: Leqesai

9 months ago#185
This game will forever live on in my heart.


User Info: FoxDE42

2 months ago#186
I wanted to add, that you can get Globus and Acerbatus from Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 in normal mode. They drop rarely from the bosses of those stages, and it's worth mentioning to players who want to get them before hard mode.

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