A Beginner's guide to this game.

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Well seeing as how no one else has added this yet and I am currently working with this character...

Yoko: This character is like a simplified version of Shanoa. She starts off with very basic equipment, a staff, and 3 spells. She does not get any other weapons or spells, but when used right, she is one of the more potent characters in the game. Her three spells are blue splash, holy fire, and holy lightning. Her holy lightning spell can do insane amounts of damage, especially on bosses like legion due to how it homes in on the enemy and the number of projectiles the spell has increases as you level up. Her holy fire spell shoots fire out in front of her, but it only goes out about the same distance as a melee attack. It can be quite powerful when used close to the enemy as it can hit multiple times. Blue splash sends out multiple ice chunks just like Shanoa's ice spell but Yoko's goes in a half circle surrounding her and the number of ice chunks increase as you level the spell. All 3 of her spells can be backdashed cancelled if that is your playstyle and her mana regeneration rate even without any items boosting it, is pretty fast. She also does pretty good damage, and imo, is the best of the spell users because of the level of damage you can do with her. On bosses like legion I average around 200+ damage a second spamming holy lightning.

User Info: Pinkpistol64

3 years ago#82
I care too<3..... Even tho its 2014 now :3 just got the game
Okay add me to the list of caring thank you. There are new visitors every day to explore the castle, and saying hi to Dracula and his fellow when some senior vampire hunters retires from time to time no thank you.
Best wishes.

User Info: Ogreatgames

9 months ago#84
I have finished this game many years ago. Thus this guide is great. To some who starting out or haven't completed it, yet, you'll be needing it.
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  3. A Beginner's guide to this game.

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