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  3. If I had to pick one Pokemon game on the 3DS, which one should I get?
water1111 1 month ago#1
The last Pokémon game I played was crystal on the 3DS, and I feels weird that I haven't played a modern Pokémon game on the 3DS and I want to fix that.
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GreenMage7 1 month ago#2
Probably Pokemon X or Y.

You get multiple starters and the game has a huge variety of Pokemon. It also uses the standard gym set up most Pokemon games used, so you don't have to worry about finding out if you like the system used in the other 3DS Pokemon generation or not.

There were good games on the original DS, but they are probably all too expensive to buy if you're actually trying to play on your system.
helldew 1 month ago#3
IMO a fun idea would be to do generation order.

gen 3 so do like ORAS(omega ruby/alpha sapphire) for assuming 3ds is all you got. Emerald is fine to but its GBA and doesnt run on 3ds.

Gen 4: Sinnoh game (platnium works best here or or if you got a switch i guess that works for the remake to but IMO platnium is still a way better game.

Gen 5 Black/White + their the sequel B/W2

Gen6 X/Y

Gen 7 sun/moon/Ultra sun/Ultra moon

Gen 8 is switch only.

IMO gen 3-5 are the peak of pokemon tho by far the best era for the games which a lot of ppl tend to agree with Gen 4 or 5 being the best.

oh and theres DS remakes of crystals/Gold/Silver on DS as well that you could check out to if your about a remake but it is expensive which is why a lot of ppl end up just buying repos and crap for it. I wont really say anything else about that cause GameFAQs doesnt like talk about that stuff and frankly speaking i avoid repos cause bad experience years ago no idea if they got better.

gen 1 has a re release on Virtual console (same with 2) but they are also on GBA in the form of fire red/leaf green which IMO are my personal fav versions. then on swtich theres another remake in the form of the Lets go games which ppl have mixed opinions on (i like em but still think FR/LG is much better)
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wackywong 1 month ago#4
HeartSilver. Pokemon peaked at the 2nd generation. What followed isn't bad but it's just too derivative.
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That_one_ 1 month ago#5
It really depends what you look for Pokemon. Pokemon X/Y for fun general experience. Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire are Gen 3 remakes of games that were released after Crystal and they’re solid. Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon if you want most content out of your money for 3DS games.
UltraMarcus 1 month ago#6
If you're interested, Heart Gold or Soul Silver is probably my all time favourite Pokemon game, and you can play it on the DS or 3DS.

If you're JUST looking for 3DS games, I'd go with Omeag Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

I'm not a fan of Sun or Moon, but didn't play Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.
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gbpackers 1 month ago#7
I'd say Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon due to the fact that it's the last Pokemon game on the 3DS and with the most active community if you're into competitive battles. Also, it has all of the latest QoL pre-Shield/Sword.
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Vegeta1000 1 month ago#8
If you're not into competitive Pokemon play then probably either X/Y or Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire as it was the last time that Game Freak put any real effort towards any mainline Pokemon game.
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DeliFlatChest 1 month ago#9
I personally preferred Y the most, but ORAS has meta content that isn't in XY.
Not sure if SuMo games have everything or not in them.
bobaban 1 month ago#10
I’d say US/UM. It really felt like the series evolved. Story was more cinematic and engaging.

I do think X/Y had the better Pokédex though. I felt you could create better all-star teams in this game.
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