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  3. Does eShop seriously not have a shopping cart?

User Info: MiIkMan

2 months ago#1
Can I only buy 1 game at a time? I don't see a shopping cart or an option to continue shopping. One the website, when I click "buy digital" it takes me straight to checkout.

Am I missing something or is eShop extremely outdated? Could use some help here.
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User Info: yab

2 months ago#2
That's how it is. Even on Switch.

User Info: Linkz1

2 months ago#3
Except when purchasing DLC games. It can be selected several or all of them.

User Info: promero14

2 months ago#4
It's weird but I guess not many people buy a lot of games
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User Info: BlanketPI

2 months ago#5
Nintendo... is not known for the quality of their Internet services. Well... not in a good way, rather. There's a reason they were the last to switch to paid online and they're now providing the cheapest service, after all!
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

1 month ago#6
It's funny to think of all the money Nintendo loses because they won't have properly functioning online stores or sell digital games that people want.

User Info: gbpackers

1 month ago#7
It's been that way since day one in 2011 and it looks like it's not going to change, either. For the worst or for the best, we will live with it.
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User Info: final_lap

1 month ago#8
It's like that on Switch, so of course it would be like that on the far more dated 3DS.

Honestly I haven't noticed this on either console. I kind of fail to see how this would be an issue. Maybe I just don't buy that many games. Might suck for reviewers or youtube content creators I suppose.
Still seems faster than buying games physically. Sure online retailers have carts but you'd still have to unpack and open the games individually and insert them into your console, so buying the games digitally is still faster either way.

User Info: wackywong

1 month ago#9
I download games in sleep mode so I'm not really bothered.
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User Info: EvilResident

1 month ago#10
@final_lap did you ever figure out what was wrong with your PSP?
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