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  3. Awesome 3DS games to play that DO NOT have a updated/upgraded version on Switch.

User Info: FunkyAl37

1 month ago#11
Fenriswolf posted...
The 3DS version of MGS3 is horrid. Sure you get the use of the touch screen as well as better movement, but often the game's framerate slows to a crawl.
The 3DS version also has Photo Camouflage which is fun to mess around with. Personally I like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, sure it’s a flawed downgraded port, but it’s still a good version to play if you don’t own the other systems it’s on like I did when I first got it; though now that I do own a PS3 and Vita I’d like to get the HD Collection.
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User Info: NeoArashi

1 month ago#12
Bravely Default and Second.

Bravely Default II is coming later this year on the Switch, but so far, no news of a remake or a remaster of the 3DS games.

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User Info: Quill

1 month ago#13
TrilancerX posted...
You can get Layton games in HD and half the price on mobile phones

MGS same on other platforms
As of now, only the first three DS Layton games are on mobile. The 3DS Layton games (Miracle Mask, Azran Legacy, and PL vs. PW) are not available on any other system. They're all great games, so if you didn't play them I'd definitely recommend buying them! The physical game cards are no longer available, but you could get them on the eshop.

User Info: helldew

4 weeks ago#14
very little of the 3ds's library was ported to switch outside of download only games TBH.

in terms of must plays id say that rune factory 4 Xenoblade Phoenix wright (mainly the trilogy IIRC) captain toad and mario maker monster hunter generation are on both or some just have better versions on switch

User Info: 16bitSwitch

4 weeks ago#15
Fantasy Life, Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon, Monster Hunter Stories, MH4U, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Sims 3 Pets, Story of Seasons Trio of Towns, Final Fantasy Explorers.

User Info: iMURDAu

4 weeks ago#16
Definitely Monster Hunter 4U.

Also I'd argue that RE: Revelations is best enjoyed on the 3DS since it's the platform it was designed for. It looks better without forced upscaling and imo has the best graphics on 3DS.
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User Info: dooper5

2 weeks ago#17
Any more?
Ridge Racer
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User Info: PLUTO44

2 weeks ago#19
Stella Glow is pretty good.
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User Info: FunkyAl37

2 weeks ago#20
The Yo-kai Watch games. The first game does have a Switch port, but only in Japan which unfortunately I don’t see it getting localized anytime soon. 🙁
PSN: FunkyAl201
3DS: 3583 - 1966 - 4597 Wii U: 606777
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