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User Info: Shaz15

4 weeks ago#1
Hey there,

Are there any hidden gems in the 3DS eShop that cost €3,00 or less?


User Info: kidrobot

4 weeks ago#2
i dont know what that translates into but izuna eleven and crimson shroud
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User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 weeks ago#3
Aura-Aura Climber and Gunman Clive are two of the best games you can get on the eShop, and they are cheap as dirt.
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User Info: Abby_Lakenshaw

3 weeks ago#4
Gunman Clive
Love Hero
Sakura Samurai

User Info: iMURDAu

3 weeks ago#5
Idk if Urban Trial Freestyle is still on sale

Both Gunman Clive games but they're not exactly hidden, more like well cataloged gems.
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User Info: Mushdog

3 weeks ago#6
Mighty Gunvolt Burst
Infinite Dunamis
Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers
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User Info: Timinatron

3 weeks ago#7
I don’t know what that translates to but I adored the BoxBoy trilogy, they’re $5 each. Great games if you’re into puzzle platformers.
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User Info: Darkastral

3 weeks ago#8
Definitely recommend Sakura Samurai. It's a VERY early 3ds digital offering, and it doesn't look the prettiest, but it's super fun.
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User Info: desuno-to

3 weeks ago#9
Edge is on sale for less than 1€ and for that price is a nice puzzle.

If you get any streetpasses then some of the mii plaza games can be fun too.
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User Info: gatsbyy

3 weeks ago#10
Mercenary Saga 2 and 3 closest to the GBA FFT game as you can get, though that FFT game was a masterpiece but gameplay is reminds me of it more then the FE games do.I actually thought they were as good as the Fire Emblem games in terms of enjoyability.

Infinite Dunamis a solid RPG.
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