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User Info: nowshining

2 weeks ago#1
Were you influenced by a game to buy the 3DS unit you have?

What made you tic about the unit, and toc to buy it? = More Information.
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User Info: kalvador

2 weeks ago#2
I bought it in 2011 thinking that FF5 and FF6 remakes would follow...
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User Info: Cillzone1721

2 weeks ago#3
I bought mine (N3dsxl) for monster hunter and the increase screen size.
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Well... twenty games.
Scambassador week was magical.

Oh, and then a pretty gold one with triforces on it.
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User Info: Venom3D

2 weeks ago#5
Questionmarktarius posted...
Well... twenty games.
Scambassador week was magical.

Same here. As for my New 3DS, it was Smash and Majora 3D.

User Info: HyperonicX

2 weeks ago#6
Not really. I bought my first 3DS on launch, and got the ambassador games, but that was lost when the top screen buggered up.
I had to ditch the console. (I wish I had known about calling Nintendo to do a remote transfer at the time.)

I got a XL shortly after, and created a new NNID.

When the N3DSXL's were announced, I preordered one, and a few years later, after Samus Returns came out, I bought the Samus N3DSXL, cause I'm a big Metroid fan. (Pity I didn't like SR.)

Still have all 3 of the above consoles, save for my original 3DS, and a 2DS which I bought and traded in (I disliked it) before getting a N3DSXL.
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User Info: Sashanan

2 weeks ago#7
Got it in 2013. I mostly just went where the games went when it was no longer the DS they were coming to. My opening game was Etrian Odyssey IV, a series I have followed (up until Nexus which I haven't picked up yet). Replaced with an N3DS when the right hinge snapped and since I needed a replacement anyway, I figured the price difference was small enough to warrant the jump. In all honesty it would have been N2DS if it had already existed at the time, since I never use the 3D anyway.
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User Info: arcaneja

2 weeks ago#8
That’s a funny question, because I consider two different games as having had a massive influence on my 3DS family history.

My original system was purchased when there were five or more games on or coming to the system that made it worth a buy for me. It was Harvest Moon: A New Beginning that pushed me over the edge, though. Got a Red/Black 3DSXL back in 2012 and it did eventually die (hinge snap) after years of exemplary service (mostly by my husband, I swapped it after a year for the smaller Midnight Purple 3DS), eventually leading me to the system that I consider more “me”.

Enter the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer New 3DS (white). IIRC, it was released at a time when nobody knew if the NA region would ever get the smaller New system with Super Famicom button colors and faceplates. I wanted the game too, but the system itself was more of a selling factor to me. Every time I use my 3DS, I’m happy I bought it. Everything about it fits me to a T. Part of that is purely ergonomic, my hands are pretty small.
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User Info: NevanZ

2 weeks ago#9
Yes! Only for Pokémon.

User Info: MarioLinkNES

2 weeks ago#10
I was going to buy it eventually, but the price drop and 20 free games was good incentive to buy it then. Especially because the GBA ones never came out again.
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