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  3. Is the battery in my New 3DS XL dying? (more info inside)

User Info: Justice98405

1 month ago#1
So I got my New 3DS XL on release day, so February 13th, 2015. So I've had it for 4 years now. I play it quite a bit (more before I got my Switch but still play it fairly regularly) but here's what has happened lately.

I was down on bar of battery life, and I was playing Dragon Quest VII and turned the brightness from one off the highest to the highest setting, as there was sun in my eyes. About an hour of gameplay and the red battery light came on. I was JUST able to get the game saved while it was blinking red, but the light on the hinge, the one that goes green for Streetpasses, it was ALSO blinking red oddly (never seen that).

I figured maybe the wifi was searching for a life preserver and didn't think much of it. Charged the system up and there you go.

That was a week ago or so?

This morning it happened again. Started off with one bar down from max, playing DQVII, brightness at the one below the highest setting this time, and not long after playing (45 mins or so) the light went red and I saved the game, and once again it was blinking red AND the 'Streetpass light' was doing the red stuff as well.

So is my battery maybe dying? Help please.
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User Info: MrCokeacola

1 month ago#2
Yes, TC your battery is dying.
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User Info: shinyspheal

1 month ago#3
It's natural with older batteries, replacing it should be enough.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

4 weeks ago#4
The Streetpass light will blink red when your battery is about to go empty, I think on all models of the 3DS.
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User Info: Finn-X

4 weeks ago#5
Had mine for 3 years now. Battery is still good as new. It takes forever for the red light to come on. In fact, it takes so long that whenever I'm playing the damn thing, I just want that stupid red light indicator to come on so I can stop playing.
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  3. Is the battery in my New 3DS XL dying? (more info inside)
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