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User Info: guesswhomymomis

1 month ago#1
..Release Ambassador games to the public? - Results (113 votes)
Yes, for a price; they've held them hostage for too long.
75.22% (85 votes)
No, even if they're priced, they deserve the privilege of being the only ones who have them.
24.78% (28 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Release the Ambassador games to the public?

I would pay like 10 bucks for each of them. They're keeping 2 of the best Metroids, possibly the best Wario game, and a great 2D Zelda away from a public that would probably suck them up, especially with things like Samus Returns and LA Remake coming out. This would be a great way to make a final few bucks imo. Release them plz.
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User Info: ViniciusFernand

1 month ago#2
This may be the best topic in a while.

Yes, they should. While Free would be prefered, for a price (as long it's not abusive) is aceptable.

User Info: tropthecondor

1 month ago#3
Wasn't FE 8 in the ambassador games too? I wouldn't mind playing that again.

User Info: JonnyBoyFF

1 month ago#4
I would absolutely buy them. I would also buy Donkey Kong Original Edition since it's not available in North America.
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User Info: Null_Gain

1 month ago#5
They should call it "The Ambassador Collection" lol
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User Info: AliceRed130

1 month ago#6
Ambassador games?
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User Info: ViniciusFernand

1 month ago#7
@AliceRed130 posted...
Ambassador games?

When the 3DS was released, it got a price cut 6 months later, to compensate people that bought it before the price cut they gave them some NES and GBA games


User Info: LooniestSky

1 month ago#8

User Info: StephenYap3

1 month ago#9
Yes. If anything, the Ambassador Games would be perfect to make as a "swansong" celebration for the 3DS.
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User Info: BosSBaer

1 month ago#10
I would love this
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