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  3. Nintendo Switch 3DS owners: Do you still play your 3DS much?

User Info: Synbios459

4 weeks ago#1
For those that have both a 3DS and Switch, do you still play your 3DS much? I do and honestly, play both about equally.
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User Info: HyperonicX

4 weeks ago#2
All the time!

I'm playing mine right now!

I play it way more then my Switch!
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User Info: Tymothy

4 weeks ago#3
I only own 3ds and PS4. Daily I will play 3ds while watching brainless video like youtube. Weekend I play PS4 for long hours. If long time no touch my 3ds I always will go back for short bursts to enjoy the stereoscopic 3d.

User Info: Veemon_X

4 weeks ago#4
Yeah. I still play it quite a bit. Still got a back log.
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User Info: sony_vaio

4 weeks ago#5
Yupp. I play my Switch mostly in docked mode. The 3DS is for when I’m watching TV or relaxing on the couch.

User Info: Cory898

4 weeks ago#6
I don’t own a Switch but as a 3DS owner I still play with my DS and my GBA. If I owned a Switch I’m quite certain none of that would change.
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User Info: Arcade2

4 weeks ago#7
I've been playing my Switch more but only for one game. However, I'm starting to get away from it and play my 2DS more now. If it wasn't for Diablo 3, honestly I wouldn't touch my Switch except on a rare occasion. I prefer my 2DS and the quality library and VC it has to offer.

User Info: irulethegalaxy

4 weeks ago#8
3DS is still my main console, and I expect it to be that way for quite a while.
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User Info: allaboutpokemon

4 weeks ago#9
havent played my 3ds since October. ive already played all the games ive wanted. ill return to it when the next etrian odyssey game comes out. i bought a Switch on black friday, so thats where all my game time goes to now.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 weeks ago#10
More than my Switch.

Gotta work through that backlog.

I mostly break switch out when I have someone over. Damn good local multiplayer options.

Though some BOTW, Hollow Knight, Odyssey etc, make for some good single player.
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