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User Info: Brianst0rm

2 months ago#1
Nintendo was out of their minds when they decided to do a limited release for XC3D, like they wanted it to be a collector's thing.

I'm not gonna pay $70 for a USED copy and I don't want to go digital. Can you guys help me find a unit for a decent value? I can get it used but not for that price, people are insane.

Tried eStarland but they don't have used copies atm.

User Info: SeamusOHassey

2 months ago#2
Unfortunately digital is probably going to be your best bet if you want it at a reasonable price.
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User Info: amprice

2 months ago#4
Not sure when you last checked eStarland but this morning it shows 3 complete copies available for $49.50 and one loose copy for $37.13 on the online store.

User Info: minchew91

2 months ago#5

$40 used. there ya go
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User Info: GenerationX-Men

2 months ago#6
retcon_canon posted...
I got mine in November used from GameStop. They have used copies available online for $40.
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User Info: The_Cysko_Kid

2 months ago#7
I got mine from a local resale shop called the exchange. $20

User Info: ecco6t9

2 months ago#8
Dig around a bit, you will find one at a good price.
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User Info: Sashanan

2 months ago#9
Mine still has its pre-owned sticker, unsure if this was Gamestop or somewhere else. Don't think it was the Exchange, another place I like to troll for games if I'm in the US. But the price was $35.49 and it looks like that price is dated May 28th 2016, I got it two months later. I would not expect used to have run up to $70 universally.

...I think it *is* GameStop, it lists a "pro member price" a few dollars lower. Pro Membership is something GameStop does, isn't it?
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User Info: shayminguy7

2 months ago#10
I got mine used off eBay for about $40 complete. The case itself wasn't as good as the pictures made it look, but the actual cover was great.
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