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  3. Since the Switch is the new 3DS will 3DS be shut down soon?

User Info: ponyseizures

3 months ago#11
Ah yes, the December 2018 account strikes again

User Info: green dragon

green dragon
3 months ago#12
since when does the switch have 2 screens?
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User Info: Ninkobra

3 months ago#13
I've been saying this since 2016: 2019 is the end of the 3DS. And that's not a bad thing. The thing would be 8 years old at that point. That's 3 more years than the standard game console life cycle. Also, it's had a really impressive and healthy library of games. I think to complain that an old console is about to die is ridiculous.

(This is what I said, specifically:

"2017 will be the last good year for 3DS (it was).

2018 will be for late releases (Warioware Gold), ports/remakes and delayed releases.

2019 will be for stragglers. And then it will die.")
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User Info: dimi1978

3 months ago#14
Ok, let's talk some sense here...The Switch gets tons of games already, it probably has surpassed the 3DS by now, plus all the major new releases are on the Switch. The 3DS on the other hand is the only viable Switch alternative, it still sells well, because not everyone wants or can afford a Switch, it does not affect the Switch's sales and all the latest 3DS releases prove...well, let's face it, that it still has potential. Nintendo itself acknowledges the difference between the two systems and they would have stopped with the 3DS business if all that was not true + they know that a potential 3DS buyer now is also a potential Switch buyer for tomorrow. It's just clever business logic what Nintendo does with the 3DS and will keep doing it until they don't have a reason any more to do so.

User Info: Megamushroom666

3 months ago#15
Switch is a much more capable machine than the 3DS so that’s where all the developers are flocking to.
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  3. Since the Switch is the new 3DS will 3DS be shut down soon?
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