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User Info: Moparcharger345

3 months ago#21
You guys really are the best! I appreciate all your insight and cant wait to start looking for some games! I have a great starting direction now!

User Info: darthcorpse

3 months ago#22
I use my 3DS fairly often...It is nice being able to play in bed before sleep. Truth be told, I use my portable systems more often than my other consoles at the moment because of this. I can sneak more gaming in this way. Playing on the tv or pc is more of a time commitment. I do prefer it in a way because I play on a projector, so everything is epic, but my handheld devices (3DS and GBA SP) get a lot of love too.

I second the recommendation for MH4U. It is glorious, and there are still supportive players online.

I also recommend Resident Evil Revelations, though you can play that on Wii U as well... And that's only the beginning. There are tonnes of great games!

User Info: iknowright

3 months ago#23
I'll admit my 3DS is secondary to my Switch, but still gets a fair amount of love.

User Info: Arcade2

3 months ago#24
I won't say my 2DS is my main...but I do enjoy it a lot. I guess it depends but while I've been focused on one Switch game, the 2DS has took more time for the past month than any other console/handheld. It's such an amazing handheld and I regret not jumping in sooner.

I have a Mario Maker 2DS that I've been debating making my DS player and just play DS games on it. Of course, I need to get rid of some of this 3DS game backlog...which will take some time.
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  3. How do you guys use your 3DS?
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