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  3. So I may want to downgrade from New 3DS XL to Standard 3DS XL

User Info: BluesSoul617

4 months ago#1
Though my history of DS handhelds: DS Lite > 2DS > New 3DS XL. I’ve owned my black New 3DS XL since late 2015(?) and never owned a standard XL.

While the New 3DS XL has ZL/ZR+nub, slightly faster speed, and battery life; I noticed the standard XL has:

-Matte finish
-Cartridge slot on top
-Stylus slot on right side
-Audio jack on bottom left
-Start&Select on middle and are ‘plated’ buttons

I was debating on getting a Gold Zelda New 3DS XL but saw the Gold standard 3DS XL which is much nicer and covers the whole hardware. How big do you consider this downgrade if big at all? I forget those additional buttons exist.
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User Info: Salogy

4 months ago#2
It's impossible to transfer from a "new" model to an original model without calling Nintendo. The majora's mask XL is a New model with matte finish. I'd just stick to that and IIRC, those have IPS screens.
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User Info: BluesSoul617

4 months ago#3
Salogy posted...
The majora's mask XL is a New model with matte finish.

Not according to YouTube.

I guess I’ll just have to keep both New XL and Standard XL then. That matte Gold on Standard is beautiful.
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User Info: Raccoon1988

4 months ago#4
If u want matte finish then why not consider 2dsxl. It’s lighter and faster. The battery is worst but that’s the only downside.
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User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

4 months ago#5
The SNES themed N3DSXL is matte textured.

also, original 3DS XL's have very tight hinges which leads to cracked hinges overtime.

Big mistake downgrading to an original XL.
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User Info: ecco6t9

4 months ago#6
The SNES edition feels so nice.
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User Info: F1areaGaman

3 months ago#7
If you play a game like Pokemon, where there is lots of menu hopping and data moving in and out of memory a lot, the load times on a regular 3DS will add up considerably. It's very noticeable going back.
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User Info: iMURDAu

3 months ago#8
That's a huge downgrade considering you can't system transfer to it.
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User Info: DrVonRupee

3 months ago#9
“slightly faster” lmao it’s actually over twice as fast. A lot of games don’t work on the original, and even for the ones that do, a lot of them downgrade performance on the original. Smash takes nearly an entire minute to start up on the original. Hyrule Warriors is virtually unplayable. MH4U has longer load times, lower frame rate, and reduced texture quality. MHGen has worse framerate stability. SNES Virtual Console games aren’t even compatible with the original models. Xenoblade, Binding of Isaac, and several other games arent compatible either. The battery is worse. The hinges snap easier. You can’t perform a system transfer to an older model from a new model.

And the list goes on. seriously this is a pretty stupid idea.
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