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User Info: gatsbyy

2 months ago#1
I play a lot of rpgs and played all the Atlus, DQ ones plus the earlier Kemco games with Infinite Dunamis the last I played. I am looking for under 10 dollar ones. I am debating Dragon Lapis or trying the Dragon Fantasy games. Has Kemco stopped porting games to the 3ds? They have not released one since April they used to port one every 4 months.

User Info: GeekyDad

2 months ago#2
I always, always recommend Crimson Shroud to anyone who has yet to play it. It's eShop exclusive, but it's an excellent RPG regardless of platform. At the very top of quality for what's on eShop.

User Info: Salocool

2 months ago#3
GeekyDad posted...
I always, always recommend Crimson Shroud

I always, always shoot in flame Crimson Shroud for being an obviously incomplete game that was frustratingly rushed out of the door. Lots of potential, interesting presentation, but overwhelmingly unpolished especially in terms of gameplay.

Notwithstanding that, the game also contains one of the worst design choice I've seen in a videogame : A key item to progress the story is locked, WITHOUT ANY IN-GAME INDICATIONS, behind a RNG drop. Meaning, you have to redo the fight potentially hundred of times before you get the item, since you're just rolling the dice everything you fight these skeletons in the second chapter.

This s*** happens at least twice in the course of the game, and more if you go the NG+ route.
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User Info: DrVonRupee

2 months ago#4
I’d recommend EarthBound. It’s $9.99 and a very interesting take on the genre. I enjoy it, and think it’s definitely worth checking out.
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User Info: OliviaTremor

2 months ago#5
Crimson Shroud and Earthbound are probably your best bet. If you're up for something a bit different but still turn based with character, weapon and item customization check out Steamworld Heist. It goes on sale for $5 occasionally. Pretty much a 2D X-Com. Fantastic game held in high esteem.

User Info: StephenYap3

2 months ago#6
Brave Dungeon. $5.

I enjoyed it so much I 100%ed it.
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User Info: Raph136

2 months ago#7
Crystal Monsters. It’s not bad for €5. Decent enough game, imo, even though it’s a Pokemon ripoff.
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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

2 months ago#8
Pokemon Crystal is useful to access a legit Celebi.

On the other hand, unfortunately, Mew has not been (officially) released for the 3DS VC in North America.

User Info: gatsbyy

2 months ago#9
I have all the games suggested. Why didn’t we get Crystal Monsters 2? I kinda liked it

User Info: gatsbyy

2 months ago#10
I played Earthbound on the original SNES. Awesome game, Citizens of Earth is similar. Very glitchy.
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