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User Info: KCJ5062

4 months ago#2
Unless I'm going out of town, I never take my 3DS out of the house. And even so, I only play it at the place I'm staying at.
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User Info: Megatonez

4 months ago#3
I usually keep my 3ds in my pocket for steps and the occasional street pass. If I'm waiting in line or at a doctor's office or something, I'll take it out and play some.
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User Info: Jlin44

4 months ago#4
I keep a 3DS in my car. I play it most days on my lunch breaks.

I find that the screen isn’t quite bright enough but I usually go and park somewhere in the shade and it makes it tolorable.
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User Info: CaIiber345

4 months ago#5
I’ve brought it to the mall twice now, to count steps while I walk. (I sound like an old man mall walker. Lol)

Haven’t actually played it anywhere, though. Just got it last week. I might take it to a local coffee shop and play, or maybe play it at the mall.
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User Info: rainfall789

4 months ago#6
I sometimes take it to my day program but often don’t play it because there are too many distractions. Otherwise I take it to my mom’s house mainly or if I go on vacation.

User Info: HyperonicX

4 months ago#7
I take mine out when I go out. I keep it in my bag until I decide to play it, like on a bus.
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User Info: Fervdoesntdream

4 months ago#8
Yeah, if the system had more screen brightness, at least twice as bright, I would take it outside more often. Seriously, Nintendo f****d up big time. It's a portable handheld console, it's only natural people will try to play it outdoors (whether it's day or nightime).

It's even more puzzling considering they actually designed it with Spotpass, pedometer, and whatnot. They should've addressed this problem in the New Nintendo 3DS. It's built on a budget of about 200 dollars or so, they were more than capable to do this. I mean, even my 70 dollar cellphone is at least 3 times brighter, including an extra small boost of brightness with an "Outdoors" mode.

Aside from this, I don't have any other problems with the system, I freaking love my 3DS.

User Info: TinyTim123

4 months ago#9
I played it away from home quite a lot when I was a student last year, usually between classes.
Now I still play it away from home in places where appropriate. When working out of town and staying in a hotel, or in a doctor's office or other, non job related, waiting room.

My current job leaves me with no opportunity to play while at work unless I'm done for the day and in a hotel room for the night.
Since I don't play in the actual out of doors, I don't find I have issues with brightness.
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User Info: freedumbdclxvi

4 months ago#10
Bring it with me all the time.
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