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  3. How much time have you spent in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

User Info: Need2KnowLion

4 months ago#1
And briefly describe what your township looks like.

User Info: Kromlech06

4 months ago#2
About 340 hours. Perfect town since 2013.

Still no f***ing police station.
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User Info: DrVonRupee

4 months ago#3
Eventually I’ll have a lot of time in ACNL

But rn I have 0 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds.
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User Info: roseybjb

4 months ago#4
1 hour and 57 minutes, haven't been playing it a lot due to having to many games to play

User Info: OliviaTremor

4 months ago#5
Maybe like 20 or 25 hours? I don't know how I have that much considering I find the game pretty boring.

User Info: MuttonBasher

4 months ago#6
1,890 hours between my three copies of the game (two physical, one digital). Two of my towns are complete (Loc Lac and Oddwater) with all the residents and PWPs I want, path layouts, and landscaping. The third (Wyrdwood) has been reset a couple of times and seems to be my "fresh start" cart whenever I feel like being in debt to Tom Nook again. Haha.

As for what they look like... Loc Lac is wilderness with natural paths (no tiles) and informal landscaping. Oddwater is highly structured with paths and formal flower beds. Both have Beautiful Town set, so the flowers don't die no matter how long I go between playing. Wyrdwood didn't... so all of my painstaking "natural" flower placement will be replaced by weeds the next time I load my town. lol. But I've never done Leif's special weeding events anyway, so it's all good.

Needless to say, I love this game. :)
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User Info: irulethegalaxy

4 months ago#7
I had over 1k hours, but my save corrupted and I lost my beautiful town :(
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User Info: TinyTim123

4 months ago#8
Just under 1000 hours. Blue roses at the edges of the town and surrounding the fronts of each villager's house.
I had to quit playing at one point in my life that was so exceptionally busy that I didn't even have the half hour a day to play the game (just a super busy semester at school, work, and with my girlfriend, gaming had to go by the wayside) so I haven't played in quite awhile... not since before the big update.
I am now looking forward to the new entry coming for Switch next year, and hope I can find time to play every day for as long as I should want.
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User Info: Twix_1

4 months ago#9
I have only one copy. I've been playing the game since 6/10/2013.

Play Time: 4955:24
Times Played: 1,788
Average Play Time: 2:46

I have every town upgrade/unlockable except the train station. I bearly invite people to my town, because some people stole and destroyed my town back in the day. I'm very picky as to who I let in my town. I had the perfect town since 2013. I got all the gold tools and every swimsuit color. I have no blue roses, but I do have the other hybrid colors. I can't get blue roses no matter how hard I try. ☹

There's eight swimsuits altogether:

The villagers I have in my town:

Becky actually been in my town since I started it back in 2013.
The rest been around since around 2014-2016 except for Chief and Felicity. I believe they came to my town in 2017.

I have the full house upgrade, but I don't have the Golden house that you will receive if you win the Happy Home Academy Theme Challenge. My museum is complete. It's been complete since 2016. I still haven't gotten my museum model. Some people say that you get it after your museum is complete. It's supposed to be on the second floor at the museum shop that's ran by Celeste. I haven't seen it unfortunately.

I'm also trying to get all the Sloppy Furniture and Cardboard Furniture.

So far I need:
Sloppy Carpet
One more Sloppy Chair
Sloppy Closet
One more Sloppy Sofa

Now the Cardboard Furniture:
All I need is:
Two Cardboard Chairs

My basement has both the sloppy and cardboard furniture down there. It looks like a mess lol.

My museum upstairs exhibits has a theme also.
The Recording Studio
Nintendo Room

The Nintendo room, and Recording Studio is a dream that I want in real life. Anyway, it has all the fortune cookie items and other random Nintendo outfits that you can get at the Able Sisters Store in there.

Hopefully one day I will be able to upgrade my train station and win the Happy Home Academy interior theme.

Okay that's alot of rambling. I like typing. 😃
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User Info: TheHeroOfTime

4 months ago#10
2000 hours, 3 towns, 1 town, 3 badges remain, 5000 fish, 5000 bugs, 800 streetpass tags, plz send help. :'(
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