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User Info: Nodrog77

6 months ago#1
How important is the 3D for your 3DS? - Results (236 votes)
Not important at all, I don't even use it
37.71% (89 votes)
Barely important-I use it once in a rare while
22.03% (52 votes)
Somewhat important-I use it here and there
11.44% (27 votes)
Very important, but not critical
11.86% (28 votes)
The 3DS would not be the 3DS without 3D, it means EVERYTHING to me
14.41% (34 votes)
0.42% (1 vote)
don't have a 3DS
2.12% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
My school is that the main thing I'm excited about when getting a new 3DS game, is playing the game in 3D. 3D is a HUGE portion of what makes me love playing 3DS games.

Are you a 3D diehard or could u just have got a 2DS?
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User Info: TinyTim123

6 months ago#2
I've had a 3DS since launch. The 3D looks nice, but I hold the system too far away from the point where it would work while playing.
I will sometimes hold the system closer and look around, sometimes in cutscenes, sometimes just to see what stuff looks like but since it's not a convenient use for me, I don't and usually don't think about it.

If it would work at a further distance, I'd probably use it a lot more. I currently use a standard sized N3DS and it looks really cool when I can use it... I just can't use it without also holding the 3DS stupid close to my face (how I feel, though I know that's a lot further than a lot of people hold the system).
En un mundo perfecto, eso definitivamente importaria.

User Info: promero14

6 months ago#3
It's terrible

User Info: Azardea

6 months ago#4
I've used it a grand total of once for about 5 seconds.

User Info: TidusDream

6 months ago#5
It gives me a headache, or eye seizures

User Info: Rango

6 months ago#6
I find it funny that people are this reliant on 3D. It's like if they don't get their precious 3D, the quality of the software magically diminishes.

People would skip out on some of the best games of all time just for this.

User Info: EvilResident

6 months ago#7
Azardea posted...
I've used it a grand total of once for about 5 seconds.

User Info: WarGreymon77

6 months ago#8
I never liked 3D. Not in the 90s and not in the 2000s. Silly gimmick. Also drains batteries.
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User Info: ArcFan10000

6 months ago#9
Barley important, I use it once in a while. Just to see what it does to the game and turn it off.
The New 2DS XL I'm fine with although is still like the bulky New 3DS XL.
I find myself using the New 3DS XL more because most of them have the ips screens.
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User Info: I_like_BigButts

6 months ago#10
not important at all
and I can not lie
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