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  3. Why do you think the Nintendo 3DS sold much less than the Original Nintendo DS?

User Info: _J3sus_Chr1st0_

8 months ago#1
Is it because of the namesake that confused the 3DS for being another Original DS model, similar to how many people confused the Wii U for it being another Original Nintendo Wii model? Is it because of mobile gaming from smartphones and tablets supposedly killing dedicated handheld gaming?

User Info: outworld222

8 months ago#2
No I think it is because it was a launch console. I remember “camping” out at Gamestop along with around 10 people at my local Gamestop. People thought that it was gonna be a smash hit like the ds line. But people forget that the slow first 2 years or so on the 3DS hurt sales in a way.

User Info: goldenraven20

8 months ago#3
I think it's quite obviously because of mobile gaming, at least primarily. Everyone is consumed by mobile these days and the games are much cheaper. I hate it, but it is what it is.

The original DS also had a novelty factor that appealed to a much wider demographic. There was something there that everybody could pick up and play. I'm not just talking about every gamer, but everybody, even those who aren't gamers. For example, my parents, who aren't gamers at all, bought a DS so they could play Brain Age. By the time the 3DS rolled around, this novelty factor was gone.

User Info: ZatchBell

8 months ago#4
Ds sold 153 million units, 3ds is around 73 as of now. The portable market changed due to cell phones and a lesser extent due to tablets. 3ds has a decent sized user base, but no portable system will ever top the ds in system sales. Sony is done with portable gaming machines. 3ds is a successful system.
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User Info: dybyhands

8 months ago#5
The ds was like a crazy new turn from the gba. Going from ds to 3ds, not so much. And yeah, then phones started getting crazy.
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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

8 months ago#6
Poor launch. 3ds was fairly expensive for how few blockbuster games it had.
Questionmarktarius 8 months ago#7
The 3DS library never really caught up to DS, and mobile-style free-to-play moneyholes never really got a foothold.

User Info: legefy

8 months ago#8
The DS was a very big jump and came before mobile gaming really hit off. The 3ds, whilst arguably a more well rounded system, got off to a pretty dodgy start and by the time it got back on track and folks started to notice that the system was really really good it was too late to hook the casual crowd.
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User Info: ranran-001

8 months ago#9
The cost was a hundred dollars more than the NDS at launch. Second the weak launch games. Third, the 3d screen was not nearly as good as the new 3ds screen.

Had the 3ds launched with better titles like, Kid Icarus, Mario 3d, or Star Fox, and it had the face tracking technology to improve the 3d screen, it would have done much better even at the original price.

Nintendo essentially had to do damage control to prevent the handheld from sinking. I don't think it could have sold 150 million like the ds, but it certainly would have done better. Maybe 85 to 90 million units sold by now.

User Info: Djwlfpack9

8 months ago#10
The boom in the mobile gaming market was a factor (even if I personally don't have any interest in playing games on my phone, I recognize the popularity), and the expensive price point at launch hurt interest from casual gamers in the beginning.

Still, selling over 70 million units is impressive.

I believe there will always be a market for handheld gaming, just not sure if companies will continue to invest.
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