a few questions

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User Info: roseybjb

3 months ago#1
1) should I get yo-kai watch 2 bony spirits/ fleshy souls if I ready have psychic specters

2) out of these harvest moons which one should I get first, the lost valley, a new beginning, or sky tree village

3) how is Nintendo Puzzle and Dragons Z with Super Mario Bros. Edition ?

User Info: glitchXII

3 months ago#2
In regards to the HM games, among those I think a new beginning was the only one made by the actual devs before they made the (IMO) better story of seasons games.

In regards to P&D, I thought it was good but iirc, I found the Mario one a bit more tedious than the actual P&D part of the bundle.

No opinion on yokai as I've never played them
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