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User Info: Linkz1

8 months ago#21
ArcFan10000 posted...
No, the New 2DS XL is $160 id recommend it. And it comes with a Charger.

Also, it has his own NFC Reader inside the system instead of using the 3DS NFC Reader/Write accessory that sells separately for old 3DS to use Amiibos. I'll have to sell this one, too. Is useless for the N3DSXL or the N2DSXL.

User Info: McSleeve77

8 months ago#22
Linkz1 posted...

Which version is that?

Target has the N2DS (black/blue) on sale this week for $130. At that price it's definitely worth picking up.
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User Info: TidusDream

8 months ago#23
Linkz1 posted...
TidusDream posted...
I picked up a N2DSXL for $125, the value can't be beat.

Which version is that?TidusDream posted...
I picked up a N2DSXL for $125, the value can't be beat.

Which version is that?

Target had the Black/blue and white/Orange N2DSXL for $125 last week.

User Info: NintendoTablet

8 months ago#24
There are original 2DS's on ebay for $30

Just do that TC

User Info: Triple_Aitch

8 months ago#25
As somone who owned a 2ds and 2ds XL I recommend going with the New 3ds XL. It's a bit more upfront but if you're anything like me you'll buy the cheap one, excited for a deal, and then regret not getting the better version. My advice is to just start with the best. You can find good deals on New "New 3DS XLs" (that's too many new's), and I wouldn't be turned off by the lack of an included charger as chargers are really cheap these days and it's better to get one without an attached power brick as they are more diverse anyway.

TL;DR - Get the New 3DS XL
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User Info: Djwlfpack9

8 months ago#26
I really like the 2DS XL, but still believe that the form factor on the 2DS is superior.

User Info: celebar

8 months ago#27
Totally worth it. Samus Returns, A Link Between Worlds, and Super Mario 3D Land are classics. Get a New model for the extra games/features.
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User Info: dybyhands

8 months ago#28
freedumbdclxvi posted...
Absolutely it’s worth getting one. You’ll have access to two of the best libraries in gaming IMO - DS and 3DS.

This. There are a lot of great games.
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User Info: sanjeust

8 months ago#29
As a rule of thumb, this question is stupid. If a console - and in the case of most pieces of technology -, is worth it at some point, it will always be worth it.

It's not like it became trash, just because of the release of the New 2DS or the Switch.

Which doesn't mean that there might not be better now. But they will be in general more expensive.

Even the PS1 is worth it.
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User Info: lukeskywalker66

8 months ago#30
BenjaMan64 posted...
Is the online store still open? Can all 3/2DS games be purchased there in case I can't find them physical?
Most but not all. If you haven't seen it you should check the list of physical only games here:
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