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User Info: BenjaMan64

6 months ago#1
Hi. After skipping the Wii U and the 3DS in favor of the PS4, I recently returned to Nintendo last year after buying a Switch. I'm considering also getting a 2DS in a few months. I have a few questions, though:

> The 2DS can play all 3DS and 3DS XL games? Is the lack of 3D projection the only difference?

> Is the online store still open? Can all 3/2DS games be purchased there in case I can't find them physical?

> Can the memory be expanded through SD cards or something? In case I have to rely on digital shopping if I can't find many physical games.

Also, what are some of the 3/2DS best games? I tend to prefer single player, so I'm interested in Fire Emblem, Mario & Luigi, Super Mario Maker, Zelda ALBW, Kid Icarus Uprising and Metroid. The 2DS I'm eyeing already has New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-installed. I'm not very interested in Pokémon or Animal Crossing, to be honest.

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User Info: iMURDAu

6 months ago#2
Yes, yes, yes.

All games can be played just no 3D support.

eShop is still open, most games can be purchased there. Navigating it isn't too fun you're better off using the search function if you're looking for something specific.

SD cards are supported and I recommend a 64 GB if you're planning on getting a lot of digital games. If not then you can certainly get by with less. I've been using a 16 for years but only have like 4 full retail games on it along with about a hundred virtual console and downloadable games.

You can find a ton of game recommendation topics here by searching. Besides what you recommended there's also DKC Returns, Resident Evil Revelations, you should also check out the Gunman Clive games since they're cheap. I'm pretty sure almost every M+L game is available for the system or will be soon.

Consider the New 2DS if you're interested in SNES virtual console games, it also has a nub for a second analog.
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User Info: cheat721

6 months ago#3
As someone who just bought a 2ds for the first time, I feel as if I'm qualified to answer this. In my opinion I'd say yes. For me there are many games for the 3ds that I'm interested in, and the fact that it's nearing the end of it's life is great because now all the great games are going to lower in price!

In the end however it really comes down to how many games you're interested in, and how much interest you have in them.If the current games hold interest for you, than chances are you'll enjoy the 2ds, if not, then you may regret your purchase.

User Info: Cocco

6 months ago#4
In order:

- the N2DS can read all the games, while the older 2DS can't read N3DS exclusives like xenoblade chronicles or fire emblem warriors. There are also other differences between the models, Google a little bit cause this was already asked countless times here.

-the eshop is active, but not every game is available digitally. Most of them are, but there are some physical only titles. This was asked as well pretty recently so you can look for that topic.

-It won't be difficult to find most of the games phisically, but yes, you can expand the memory. Again, this is written like everywhere online.

User Info: freedumbdclxvi

6 months ago#5
Absolutely it’s worth getting one. You’ll have access to two of the best libraries in gaming IMO - DS and 3DS.
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User Info: KH3

6 months ago#6
I think the 2DS and original 3DS/N3DS (non-XL) look much better than the XL counterparts.

I've owned both, recently even caving in to a N2DSXL and I still prefer the smaller models.

Why? Pixel density is more important than screen size, especially for a device you keep close to your face. Because the resolution does not improve on the XL screens, the image is blurrier, although you get a bigger version of it. One with a keen eye can immediately notice the difference when you compare side-by-side on the same game.

User Info: Raccoon1988

6 months ago#7
I prefer normal 2ds to new2ds also.

If you want to go big then get a dictionary n3dsxl. 2xl is great in the hand and it looks really cool imo.
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User Info: BenjaMan64

6 months ago#8
So from what I gather, SNES Virtual Console is only available for New 3/2Ds?
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User Info: BlanketPI

6 months ago#9
Yes, SNES Virtual Console won't run on a 2DS/3DS, only a new 2DS/3DS. Stinks, I know, but....
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User Info: helldew

6 months ago#10
unless money is tight the N2ds is IMO worth getting if your planning on playing it lots

the regular 2DS tho is so cheap that if budget is an issue its not a huge deal be stuck with

you basically have slightly worse load times on a normal model some games like monster hunter 4U run a lot better on the "new" hardware (think PS4 Pro but very few games actaully use it) it can run Xenoblade and FE warriors (IMO Xenoblade is worth FE warriors is better on Switch) . circle pad is nice to have for some games like MM 3D and monster hunters while amiibo support is nice for stuff like fire emblem fates and code name steam (also requires amiibos)

but overall your still getting acess to a wackton of 3ds games with just the normal 2ds and ive seen them used for like 50 bucks... where as the New models are 150ish starting out? which might not really be worth the 100 bucks.
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