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User Info: Ace-of-Clubs

9 months ago#11
Don't know about "favorite," but Moco Moco Friends got mediocre (at best) reviews for being a basic, low-budget Pokémon clone. And well, all of that is true. Plus it has an oddly high level of grinding and luck-based monster stat-raising. And the story is ludicrous to boot.

And yet, despite all of those undeniable objective flaws, I enjoyed the heck out of this game. The goofy characters appealed to me, the monster designs are adorable (even if repetitive) and the combat is pretty fun. And despite the low-budget graphics and small soundtrack, I enjoy the game's pretty artstyle and music. Basically, it's a game I shouldn't like, but do.
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

9 months ago#12
Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger.
It’s my second or third favorite 3DS game ever and the new IP Nintendo brought since 2011 I like the most after Xenoblade.
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User Info: rusquidkidingme

9 months ago#13
Puzzles and dragons+ super Mario edition.
I'm not actually sure if reviewers liked it or not but I think it's one of the 3ds lesser known gems
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User Info: iMURDAu

9 months ago#14
Liberation Maiden.

Sure it's a hand cramper since I'm a lefty. But it's fun to play, it's challenging and it is the most arcade like title I've played on a portable.
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User Info: OliviaTremor

9 months ago#15
Tales of the Abyss. Has a pretty bad metacritic score but is one of the best Tales of games.

User Info: TinyTim123

9 months ago#16
Ace-of-Clubs posted...
Moco Moco Friends

I genuinely enjoyed Moco Moco Friends, but maybe because I don't tend to play Pokémon.

My own goes to Return to Popolocrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. It got generally mixed reviews, but never seemed to get the attention I felt it deserved.
Admittedly, the game is easy unless one sets encounter rate to Low and difficulty to King. It also has the usual RPG mechanic of "go from point A to point B, do this thing very similar to what you did to unlock area B in order to unlock area C", and random encounters and such.
Still, the story is very nice, the characters are genuinely likeable, there are plenty of side quests to do, or not do, as one sees fit. It's fully voiced, and selectable with two variations of Japanese or English. It has a very nice artstyle. One can do as much, or as little, farming as one wants outside of two or three points where one needs to farm to advance the story... and it's a pretty great story.

Another, that seemed to have gotten mostly positive reviews but is also often overlooked would be 7th Dragon III Code VFD.
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User Info: Upokupo

9 months ago#17
I would have to say Final Fantasy Explorers. It got a bad rap because it was reviewed as a monster hunter lite/knockoff. It was meant as an mmo-lite. I enjoy the game immensely as well as the MH series. It's a shame that they tried to peg it into a category it wasn't supposed to be in.
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

9 months ago#18
A 76% is considered pretty bad for a metacritic score now? 🙄
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User Info: OliviaTremor

9 months ago#19
Yes and it always has been. Reviewers tend to grade on a school based systen, not with 5.5 as the average. That's a D.

User Info: sting__art

9 months ago#20
Fantasy Life is easily the best RPG I've played on the 3DS. I care for the story one bit and button mashed through it but the gameplay, its mechanics and rewards such as a quirky song whenever you reach a certain rank in your 'life' really made me love the game. The DLC is cheap for the amount of content it adds, multiplayer is basically single player but without the story so and in a semi-open world like Fantasy Life that encourages farming/grinding this adds a lot of value to the game.

It was just a fantastic game at its release. But not all is perfect, the multiplayer community followed the same path as PSO 1&2 on the gamecube. Nowadays everybody has everything, is maxed and you can get the best stuff for free right at the start. That certainly makes the multiplayer less attractive unless you decide to stay within a 'bubble of friends' but that is never ideal.
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