Best Mystery Dungeon game on 3DS?

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User Info: SynchroTooBasic

6 months ago#1
Pokemon wise, Gates to Infinity or Super Mystery Dungeon?

As for others I only know of Etrian Mystery Dungeon which is supposed to be pretty fun.

The plot of Super Mystery Dungeon starts off so slow and the pacing overall is kind of poor, but the gameplay and the soundtrack is fantastic.

Is gates to infinity just as fun? How is that game's soundtrack?
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User Info: Blue_Thunder

6 months ago#2
I've only played demos of the others, but I thoroughly enjoyed my play-through of PSMD.
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User Info: MineralPlusBox

6 months ago#3
I only played Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and really enjoyed it. The plot was great and good surprise after the "slow" beginning. I didn't really mind the beginning plot like most people seem to on here.
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User Info: AsunaSAOYuuki

6 months ago#4
I really likes GoI, but I've enjoyed all of them.
^^^Still one of my favorite P4 tracks!
Questionmarktarius 6 months ago#5
Lufia: The Legend Returns

User Info: Ben111

6 months ago#6
Well explorers of sky is technically on 3ds so that. Compared to sky, super is garbadge that calls you a child every 5 minutes
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User Info: Erukia

6 months ago#7
Explorers of the Sky.
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User Info: Ku-Ri-Boh

6 months ago#8
Ben111 posted...
Well explorers of sky is technically on 3ds so that. Compared to sky, super is garbadge that calls you a child every 5 minutes

Sky first half of the plot is even worse and Super MD at least has good QoL and mechanics that doesnt cater to idiots
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User Info: HyperonicX

6 months ago#9
I enjoyed Gates, but found Super to be boring. Didn't help that your "partner" was an annoying idiot in Super.

For DS, Blue Rescue Team I enjoyed, while I abhor Time/Darkness/Sky. Story made my blood boil.

So I recommend both Blue Rescue Team and Gates to Infinity.
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User Info: Second_Chances

6 months ago#10
Gates has nice story and characters for PMD, and a neat side attraction with base building, but is blatantly lacking in gameplay with a tiny Pokemon roster and some simplified mechanics that go beyond streamlining into straight up dumbed down

Super has great dungeon crawling, but the general structure of the game is neutered with the new recruitment and mission systems, and the story is some of the worst s*** I've ever seen in a video game

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is buggy and poorly designed but I hear the currently unlocalized EMD2 fixes everything and makes the concept work

so I guess Super because the core dungeon crawling is actually great but everything else about the game is excruciating, if you like PMD for the story play Gates instead
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