Nintendo Repair Question

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User Info: Sh4d0wM0nk3y713

6 months ago#1
Hey! I'm considering sending my 3ds off to be repaired and I'm curious if anyone knew how much it would cost, roughly.

Info that may or may not matter:
•It is a New Nintendo 3DS XL
•No warranty (even if there was one, it would've already ran out)
•"B" and the right trigger register 50% of the time
•"X" no longer registers

If anyone has an idea of how much it would cost, let me know! Thanks in advance!
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

6 months ago#2
I'd guess around $80.
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User Info: xoftheuniverse

6 months ago#3
I would advise a few things.

1 DO NOT SEND IT TO SYRACUSE! Use the other repair center because the people at United Radio are idiots.

2 If you have a limited edition 3DS they may not be able to fix the same one and guarantee the custom design so I wouldn't have it repaired.

3 Consider pricing first. Call them and ask the price. Then look into the places you can get a replacement including the refurbished ones Nintendo sells on their site.
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User Info: BinBinricecake

6 months ago#4
As a user stated, get a refurbished if you can. Usually cheaper (unless it some LE edition 3ds). At least with your 3ds, you just need the A and B buttons to do the transfer operations.

Unless you really like your current 3ds, make sure who ever is repairing it is trustworthy.
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User Info: soetem

6 months ago#5
I also have to say send it to Washington state not the Syracuse place. It's been many years since I sent a 3ds for repair but when I did because I was in NY they sent it to Syracuse and it was a back and forth like 3 times before they sent it to the other one which actually fixed the problem. The final guy I spoke to at Nintendo also insisted that I accept a free game for my trouble. Syracuse sent my system back with a scratch on the top screen that was not there before, then they sent it back and the bottom screen border whatever it would be called was actually loose and squeaky like glue was not sticking or something. Washington place not only fixed the issue but extended the bumpers on the top half so it no longer touched the bottom. Yeah this was back in those og days.
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User Info: Sh4d0wM0nk3y713

6 months ago#6
Thanks for the help, everyone! I'll definitely make sure to send it to Washington, rather than Syracuse! Lol
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