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  3. Is the battery life of the 2DS XL really that bad?

User Info: Branchos

10 months ago#1
Wanted to get one

User Info: SkittyOnWailord

10 months ago#2
Define "that bad".
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User Info: Cocco

10 months ago#3
I've read it's more or less 1hour less than N3DSXL

User Info: OC_NightHawk

10 months ago#4
It is not replaceable without opening the handheld. It also has less capacity and nearly the same power draw. It's battery life is noticeably less then the New 3DS XL.

User Info: Jumpmandk

10 months ago#5
I was not aware there was an issue with the battery power. But having used a N2DS XL, I will say the weight of the device was beyond light, so I would use that to gauge buying one. I would think the lower capacity battery is to make the device as light as possible, so it's a trade off.

I've personally owned each 3DS family systems, and if the N2DS XL had 3D, it would be my favorite of the line. I have really small hands, so where I do like the larger image of bigger screens of the XL systems, I never liked the feel or the weight in my hands. I have a standard N3DS, and that's my go to device, but longer battery and larger screens would be a bonus, but not required.

I loved the N2DS XL when I was able to try it out, but I like 3D, but I would for sure buy one for a back up, or secondary device when I want a larger image during play. Like with most "N" created systems, the last ones created, are mostly always the best in terms of how well it's designed, and the battery is probably the only issue of this device. And of course lack of 3D, but that's implied by the 2D in the name and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone looking to buy one. LOL

User Info: ProfessorKukui

10 months ago#6
It uses the same battery as O3DS.

User Info: ArcFan10000

10 months ago#7
I'm just curious if you open it up you can put a higher capacity battery in it.
I'm getting about 4 hours outa mine on the highest brightness setting and it's a new system, roughly a month old.
So I'm assuming the new 3DS XL gets 5 1/2 to 6 hours depending on your brightness setting.
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User Info: dextorboot

10 months ago#8
Playtime wise I'm getting about the same battery life as my OG 3DSXL. What is noticeable is that it can't stay asleep as long as the 3DSXL. I used to be able to leave that in sleep mode for about 3 days before it would die. I'm only getting about 2 with the 2DSXL.

User Info: unusmundus

10 months ago#9
It's NOT unbearably bad.

I barely notice on my regular daily play schedule.
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