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  3. Light coming out of the blue trim of my 2DSXL?

User Info: Joniden

10 months ago#1
So I got a 2DSXL and as I am examing it, I see that on the back of the top screen around the blue trim, there is a light comin out of the blue trim. https://imgur.com/a/aaR8t (That's a photo of it in the red box) I have looked all over the internet and from what I can gather, no one has mentioned this on youtube. Only place I have seen this is on reddit. And they say it's a common problem. My questions are this.

1. Is it a common problem that Nintendo hasn't fixed yet or they have fixed it and I got an older version?

2. Anyway to fix it without opening the 2DS?

3. Anyone else outside of reddit have this problem?

4. Why hasn't anyone really mentioned it, or is it such a small problem no one cares?

Any insight will be great because if this is a common thing and looking for one that doesn't have this problem, I'm going back to my 3DSXL.
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User Info: dextorboot

10 months ago#2
I have this model and mine doesn't have this problem. I have a little light bleed around the power and indicator lights because the plastic is so thin, but no cracks or separation in that area. And those are on the bottom portion anyway.

User Info: Forestia

10 months ago#3
I mean...
Does it really matter that much out of curiosity here?
If the light doesn't really cause/or indicate any malfunction problem to the console itself, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem afterwards too. (other then feeling "weird" by looking at it all the time since the plastic is consider cheap and thin to begin with...)

User Info: DarkMark942

10 months ago#4
My white 2DSXL has it and more than yours. It's a consequence of it being a budget model and them cutting costs by not using metal. It doesn't bother me.
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