Favorite 3DS Monster Hunter game?

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User Info: Icewitch

6 months ago#1
Poll: - Results (77 votes)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
5.19% (4 votes)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
46.75% (36 votes)
Monster Hunter Generations / X / XX
28.57% (22 votes)
Monster Hunter Stories
19.48% (15 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Love the MH series and put in 100+ hours on all these games. Out of the 3DS MH games, 4U was my favorite. It has the most content by far, the best difficulty and progression curve and lots of fun new monsters.

What's yours?

User Info: SymphonicGlory

6 months ago#2
They're all really great tbh, but it's a close race between 4U and Gen with the former to just edging the latter out as my overall favorite. It's the most consistent of all the games in terms of gameplay, difficulty, progression, and content. If I ever get to play XX, that might usurp 4U, but for now 4U is the king of MH on 3DS imo.
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User Info: lali_puna

6 months ago#3
Of course it's 4U! =)

...but they're all awesome an at least 100+hrs worthy, each! ;)

User Info: TinyTim123

6 months ago#4
Stories, because I got burnt out on the series in Freedom Unite on the PSP.
This way, I can still play in a familiar world, but a completely different genre, one I'm not fatigued from right now.
En un mundo perfecto, eso definitivamente importaria.

User Info: dunnyrega

6 months ago#5
MH4G would win if it didn't have GQ, that thing got discarded from the series faster than the water combat. water combat was on 2 games when GQ only on a single game in the series.
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User Info: Roy130390

6 months ago#6
Stories. As much as I love the classic games, this one is seriously overlooked. Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, great soundtrack and the story may be childish but it's also warming and entertaining. Besides MH games aren't precisely mature.

I' ve seen that some say that they don't have much to do with the game once the story, post game and sub-quests are over, but for me there's a lot of replay value because of the PVP and monster customization.

User Info: PolkaGnome

6 months ago#7
Oddly enough, it's 3U for me, though I've enjoyed all three of the mainline 3DS titles (haven't gotten around to Stories yet).
"Never underestimate this place's ability to talk about stupid crap and it's willingness to do so." -Tildepon
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User Info: MineralPlusBox

6 months ago#8
Gen for me. I really liked the hunter arts and styles. I'd love it even more if I could get double cross in english.

I have also played 4U. It was the first monster hunter game I really played. I enjoyed it but I didn't like the apex monsters and I was still getting used to the gameplay.

User Info: Raiden243

6 months ago#9
Of the 3DS titles 4U but my favorite of all is Freedom Unite.

Can not wait for Monster Hunter World

User Info: danmiy12

6 months ago#10
tie between 4u and gen..4u as of now has the best endgame...gen has much better weapon balance and the hunter arts,cat mode, and arts make it stand out but lacks g rank

so for me its 4u until xx is localized as best mh game for 3ds..

edit: 3u even on the wii u ver they just gave the enemies too much hp making the hunts go on longer though seeing how this is 3ds ver comparasion it doesnt even have online multiplayer so ya...didnt play stories so i cannot say if its better..
MH4U :Atom HH main 5.7k uses hr999/Sonata MHGen 3.7k HH uses 3ds FC 4699-8385-62781
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