Which of these to play, and which to skip?

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User Info: Blue Bomber 99

Blue Bomber 99
3 months ago#11
MRW1215 posted...
Blue Bomber 99 posted...

Just curious, what is it about Paper Jam you haven't really gotten into? I'm only asking because I've been in the exact same situation as you, I played it for a little bit and it just never really clicked. I'm thinking it's kind of the linear/predictable progression of the game? It feels more like you are playing levels that involve RPG battles than actually playing an RPG.

I'm honestly not sure. There are little things I'm not into, like the giant paper craft battles (though those have only happened a couple times) or the sections of having to find Toads. More than that, the story and the overall world just doesn't feel that interesting or charming to me. The settings all feel kind of bland and uninspired, and it doesn't make me want to look around and explore and stuff.

That's exactly the way I felt about it, but I just coiuldn't find the right words to articulate it, thanks for sharing!

User Info: GraphG

2 months ago#12
I would prioritize Tales of the Abyss. I hadn't played a tales game since Symphonia on GCN. Abyss is really great
I love GC especially PSO
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User Info: Rittu

2 months ago#13
Play Tales, it's fun. Play an hour or two of it and you'll most likely be hooked by the story.

SMT4 has a really slow/difficult beginning. Don't let that fool you though, the game is amazing. Nothing better than running around apocalyptic Tokyo while fighting demons. There are also really interesting scenes and you run into a bunch of interesting characters who meet various fates.
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