3DS gets third-party support, Switch gets...

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User Info: That_one_

5 months ago#1
Piece of cardboard with 70$ price tag.

User Info: Pete_Dog

5 months ago#2
Switch also gets the next mainline Pokemon game effectively killing the 3DS. Not to mention several other great games 3DS owners who refuse to upgrade will never get to play.

Also don't bring the Labo stuff over here. It's just trolling.

User Info: Ace-of-Clubs

5 months ago#3
I don't know which mindset is more baffling: people who refuse to accept when a system is being gradually phased out and stubbornly won't start looking into the newer systems; or people who think that you have to throw away the old system the second the new system comes out, and act enraged when any games that have long been in development for the old system don't get immediately moved to the new one.

News flash: some of us are currently enjoying both the 3DS and the Switch. (And the Vita, for that matter.)
I am Ace-of-Clubs, and I approve this message.
"Final Fantasy XV its like Big Bazooka that fires with farts" - eisgiga

User Info: dwdwdw6

5 months ago#4
And also two of the highest rated games of 2017.

User Info: Croast59

5 months ago#5
That_one_ posted...
Piece of cardboard with 70$ price tag.

Yes. Labo is the only Switch to coming out this year, and is a $70 piece of cardboard and nothing else.....
Currently Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch); EarthBound (3DS VC)

User Info: Catluver17

5 months ago#6
Sonic 3 and Knuckles is still and always will be the best game of all time.
Lord Cate, mighty slayer of trolls.
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