Project X Zone 3?

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User Info: contrafan

6 months ago#1
Anyone willing to bet we might get Project X Zone 3 very late in the year? Maybe either October or November? And followed by a Western release sometime next year? Because ever since 2012 and 2013, I've been thinking that we'd be getting a Project X Zone game every three years.

User Info: helldew

6 months ago#2
i dont think the second did so hot. the first was kinda early 3ds when there wasnt a ton of choices i didnt even want to buy the second until i heard reviews and the price dropped a fair bit TBH
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User Info: contrafan

6 months ago#3
It's because there was already a Project X Zone game in 2013, and another in 2016. I'm thinking there might be another one in 2019.

User Info: kalvador

6 months ago#4
Sales would be a better indicator than time interval, don't you think?
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User Info: contrafan

6 months ago#5
Well, I used to think we'd get an Expendables movie every two years, but that was completely debunked following 2016.

User Info: Wii_Shaker

6 months ago#6
I'm a fan of the game though I was a bit disappointed in the characters in the sequel. The first game was much better in both execution and fan service. The third game would have to be even more outrageous than the first two games for me to be interested.

User Info: contrafan

6 months ago#7
I just want Mii Koryuji to return.

User Info: RandyDragon

6 months ago#8
it'll be on the Switch. Why anyone would think any decent game will come to the 3DS now that Nintendo has killed off the system is beyond me
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User Info: That_one_

6 months ago#9
Director of series left from company, and last game bombed. Don't expect sequel.

User Info: contrafan

6 months ago#10
I heard rumors, though... And that they might put Bayonetta in a possible sequel.
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