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User Info: OliviaTremor

6 months ago#1
Recommend one, and only one, 3DS game. It can be your favorite game, a guilty pleasure, a time sink, something you feel uses the 3D effects very well, whatever.

My recommendation would be Face Raiders. It's pre-installed with every 3DS and I think a lot of people overlook it. This was the game that blew my mind when I first got my hands on a 3DS. The game utilized the 3D effects very well, the utilization of your face was great, the gyroscope abilities was super fun, and I loved thr augmented reality. On top of that, even though the gameplay was simplistic it was incredibly fun with great presentation. It always makes me a bit sad that, other than AR games, nothing else on the system really fully embraced what the 3DS was capable of.

User Info: lali_puna

6 months ago#2
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

User Info: Salocool

6 months ago#3
Dunno, you can check a "30 best 3DS games" and you'll find every game people are going to post here.

My own pick would be Fire Emblem : Conquest because of how insanely creative the new mechanics/maps were. The very last chapter is easily one of the best level ever created for a strategy game.
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User Info: OliviaTremor

6 months ago#4
I could, but I'm interested in what people may recommend and why. Face Raiders certainly isn't a masterpiece nor will you find it on top 3DS games lists, but I highly recommend everyone try it for the reasons I listed. I'm just curious to see what other games people may suggest and why. Maybe we'll find appreciation for games we never really thought much of.

User Info: Blue Bomber 99

Blue Bomber 99
6 months ago#5
Pilot Wings Resort. I picked it up on a whim for $3 at Gamestop and it ended up being such a guilty pleasure. I'm sure the game is actually not that great and I'm sure there are many people who didn't like it, but I had an absolute blast with it, probably burned 15-20 hours just flying around the islands and taking pictures while enjoying the views. Gameplay itself was a lot of fun too, especially flying the jet.

So re-reading my explanation, I guess I unintentionally hit on all the things you were looking for: guilty pleasure, time sink, and looks great in 3D.

User Info: DiduXD

6 months ago#6
Tomodachi Life. It can bypass the 100 Mii per system limit.
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User Info: TinyTim123

6 months ago#7
Return to Popolocrois - A Story of Seasons Fairytale.

I\m almost certain it won't be on a top 30 list, but it's very good. Not the best, but quite fun and nice. The artstyle works well with the graphic capabilities of the system, the story is nice and pleasant, it has very likeable characters, and a good classic RPG story.
One can do as little or as much farming as they want, because I know that the farming is the least favorite part of games that feature it, usually (which is why Harvest Moon games aren't for me).
Difficulty and encounter rates adjustable in game. Choice of voice, English and two different Japanese tracks.
Plenty of sidequests to do (or not do, if you prefer).

Of course it does suffer from a bit of repetition in the "go to the next place, do a thing very similar to the thing you did last time to unlock the next area". It also tends to be on the easy side unless one sets difficulty to King and encounter rates to Low.
Despite lack of difficulty, the whole game was fun for me, and that's really the main thing I want in a game: fun.
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User Info: Wii_Shaker

6 months ago#8
River City: Tokyo Rumble. A modern spin on a classic Beat-em-up. The 3-D in this game also compliments the 8-bit art style.

User Info: TinyTim123

6 months ago#9
Wii_Shaker posted...
River City: Tokyo Rumble

Another underrated game that I really enjoyed. I have the newest entry now, but haven't started quite yet.
En un mundo perfecto, eso definitivamente importaria.

User Info: JoeySlasherVSPS

6 months ago#10
I just got Spirit Camera,its a nice unique experience.
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