new 3ds xl past warranty

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User Info: samthedigital

7 months ago#1
One of my shoulder buttons is no longer working (along with some problems with the dpad that I hadn't been overly concerned about before), but my system isn't under warranty anymore. Is it possible to still get the system repaired by Nintendo? If so, would it be better to get it repaired at some price or just to get a new one?
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User Info: CanibusRtJ

7 months ago#2
From my experience w/ the DS, out of warranty cost about $75 for a repair, for a non responsive D-pad..but that was over 10 years ago, so it could've went up.
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User Info: samthedigital

7 months ago#3
That's still a little expensive. I hope the console can still last as long as if I got a new console seeing as a new one is only twice as expensive as that.
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User Info: DarkMario

7 months ago#4
If it helps at all, the same thing happened to my original 3DS. I ended up buying new shoulder buttons off of Amazon for about $8 and a small electronics screwdriver set for about the same price.

It took about 45 mins (making sure not to strip any of those tiny screws), but it wasn't bad at all. I used a repair guide that I found online. I can't imagine the process being that much different for an XL.

I saved about $60, the time it would have taken to send the unit in and wait for the repair, and I have the screwdriver kit for the future. I think the screws call for either a Phillips #00 or #000 screwdriver.

User Info: ProfessorKukui

7 months ago#5
Repairs will be pricey for a simple shoulder button change.
As DarkMario mentioned, DYI replacements are affordable & relatively easy to do.
Do take care when opening the system so as to not snap the ribbon cables on the triggers.
I accidentally did it & ended having to use the other one in the set unnecessarily.
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