256gb micro-Anyone use one? (Tldr post)

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User Info: Inhuman-Art

1 month ago#1
Curious if anyone uses a 256gb micro in their 3dsXL? And is your card working fine, etc. Secondary question; i have about 150 games on the 128 and it is full, so i have a 64gb, if i system transfer will both memory cards still work? It wont be a biggie if not but id just like to know, has all my VC and indie games on it.

--------tldr part but info

Now for a back story, don't read if you don't care why im asking but I am unsure if ab256 is just too big. Loaded everything fine, starts up slow but all games ran great (slow at first he certainly why I think I've a dud, returning it and trying an in a few days when im off, but if they don't work then I'll just return and get a second 128, but curious about that multi memory card during system transfer)

I'd bought a Samsung Evo 256 and themes wouldn't load, corrupted data from the Pokemon rumble world (that game is tied somewhere in the system, I had 11k diamonds as I never used them however I had downloaded it on both cards when testing, deleted it from one and it was gone on the other)

Smash Bros also corrupted the data in way, told me it is not the most recent save and deleted it. No biggie as everything else was preserved outside of these and LBX just deleted my save, but I'd not even played it on the SD anyway, bought it physical years ago and sold my system, decided to go back)

Anyway blogfaqs but end result my SD card is reading perfect on all counts, all software finds nothing to repair, yet it wouldn't hold themes and after a format and simply placing the newly fat32 32 cluster into the system, blank after a zero out, it still wouldn't hold themes. So I'm going to assume as I loaded all data from the 128 into the old 128 again, everything is fine (exceptions being those three game saves, very odd, like if you used an old back up you'd have to restart anyway) but even tho it's checking out, it may be corrupted firmware as I got it rather cheap third party on Amazon, 128 bucks)
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User Info: Meteordragon10

1 month ago#2
No, I do not use a card that big. It seems largely unnecessary for me.

During a system transfer, provided you pick the correct option, it should bring over all your data including themes. As far as I know, it is the games themselves that are tied to the system/NNID and what SD cards you use doesn't actually matter so long as the proper title keys are there and the system properly identifies that the game is owned by you. If they both worked before the system transfer, they should work after as well even if you do not transfer everything to a single SD card during a transfer. All those games are linked to the NNID which is transferred over, after all. There's an option during transfer to skip moving games over and allow you to transfer quicker if you want, but you have to redownload all the games (for free of course) in the eshop, if that supports what I said. With 150+ games, you should expect to be waiting a REALLY long time for that system transfer to finish if you use the regular method...

I believe system transfer does not transfer certain things like hacked games or homebrew for instance (like with the Wii), so if any of those 150+ games are illegally downloaded you may lose the ability to use them.

Officially Nintendo states that SD cards up to 32GB are supported, but simply formatting any higher SD cards or Micros SD cards into FAT32 makes them compatible...but they don't mention that for some reason. No, my bigger SD card for my N3DS XL and my original 3DS loads the content on it slowly too...you should keep in mind you have 150+ games to load up+ regular apps and folders and the like- it's no wonder it loads up slowly.

Not sure what the deal is with your themes never loading, but you could try deleting the data related to themes within the system itself and then try redownloading them. Mine transferred over just fine but eh.
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User Info: Inhuman-Art

1 month ago#3
Already did the delete data for themes. Didn't work. The 128 gb loads fast and just fine.

Went to Best buy to see if I had a bad SD card and formatted it, neither worked. It holds all data but not themes for some reason, idk why.

All I've got on the SD now is a theme, nothing else. Still doesn't work. Very odd.

So here is a question:

If using multiple memory cards, and I do a system transfer, both of those cards should work correct?
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User Info: Hayato213

1 month ago#4
You might wanna check that Micro SD to see if it legit, there are fake Samsung EVO Micro SD out there.
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User Info: Inhuman-Art

1 month ago#5
Both were real, currently have a running post on gba temp with another user trying out on old SD (non micro) and seeing if it will hold as apparently there was one video of someone using a 256, and while it's working fine it just doesn't save themes and corrupted Pokemon world data. Lbx and smash also deleted but there are some oddities to these three titles.
All other save data works, themes work, just they don't load after reboot.

I used three PC's to format now three cards (curious, ice returned them all but one, but I've a pending from bb and Fry's for like 500 bucks refunding)

Three cards, all the same make as the other 32, 64, 128 I have (Evo plus) and all don't load themes upon reboot.

Even have another system I tied a new nnid to, reformatted on a fourth PC ( I live at my business doing data recovery comically) and just used the black theme, nothing on the card, never did anything BUT reformat, reboots, no theme. It does remember badge placement
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