Need suggestions for a game to get.

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User Info: Tizzy

6 months ago#21
Persona Q
Fire Emblem fates (any version) and echoes
Monster Hunter generations
Etrian odyssey 4 and the untold games
SMT soul hackers
Etrian mystery dungeon
Pokemon super mystery dungeon
Project x zone 1+2
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User Info: Linebeckable

6 months ago#22
Meteordragon10 posted...
For the record, Rune Factory 4 takes up about 11,000 blocks, which is somewhere around 1.34GB.

Aight, thanks for the heads up.
Seacliff217 posted...
Linebeckable posted...

Etrian Odyssey 5

Did you like this one?
Etrian Odyssey 4 and Untold 2 are also pretty good, and different enough to make the trip backwards worth it.

Played through both, loved them.
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User Info: highpost1388

6 months ago#23
nobdy1 posted...
Dragon Quest 8
Tales of the Abyss
Rune Factory 4
Devil Survivor Overclocked

When I first got a 2DS, these 4 games outside of Pokemon are what I started my library with. Cannot be happier with how that went down. Only difference was I chose Record Breaker over Overclocked. Since you have RB already, I'd say this is about as easy a 4-game package out there that you could get to be set for months.
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