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User Info: Reverted_Pikkon

6 months ago#11
It was pretty good for a January Direct. It's just to get the year started. Show something, even if it is ports. And I find it really hard to believe the 3DS board wouldn't be just as excited as Switch owners for the TWEWY port with a real epilogue. And 3DS owners snatched up Hyrule Warriors the second time, you know, a port from the Wii U.

User Info: BlueBoy675

6 months ago#12
Pretty boring overall
Hope rides alone

User Info: lali_puna

6 months ago#13

User Info: chex81

6 months ago#14
I have a switch and meh overall, maybe at some point I’ll pick up DKC:TF
XBL: chex81 || NNID: phasma81

User Info: Seacliff217

6 months ago#15
So glad I skipped on Hyrule Warriors Legends now.
Also going to check out Wolrd Ends with You, Dark Souls Remastered, and maybe Ys because I had played their original releases.

Also, new Mario Tennis looks a lot better than the Wii U entry...
(message deleted)

User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

6 months ago#17
IngSlayer posted...
Suck it, 3DS fanturds.

Being a minority must be rough! You'd rather waste your breath on the "turd" 3DS board than stick to the Switch one.
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