Who likes their DS better than their Switch?

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User Info: scttkpln

6 months ago#1
I have both and while I love my Switch, I always find myself gravitating to my n2DS XL.

If I am playing my Switch, it’s docked. Just can’t get in to it in handheld mode.

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend! Happy Gaming!!

User Info: TinyTim123

6 months ago#2
I also have both. The Switch has a lot of "bigger" styled games, and I just don't really like them, which is why I've been a portable gamer for the last two gens.
Fire Emblem Warriors is okay enough, the Mario Rabbids game is interesting, Cat Quest was quite a lot of fun, but there's so much more on the 3DS that I like, just the scale, and portability of it.

I rarely play my Switch docked, though I do have a pro controller. I'm simply uninterested in Zelda or Mario Odyssey or Xenoblade (though I've played Zelda). I have a Switch for the inevitable Kirby and Animal Crossing games.
En un mundo perfecto, eso definitivamente importaria.

User Info: HyperonicX

6 months ago#3
I have both, and I barely touch my Switch. I generally prefer using my N3DS.
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User Info: Inhuman-Art

6 months ago#4
I don't own a switch. Honestly I think I'm out of the demographic for gaming. I liked the Vita A LOT due to the games from psp and vita, however not being able to play phatasy star portable 2 (even without infinite) and half the games needing online and not allowing local:-[ like unit 13 and helldivers, I ended up getting the 3ds again

Now I've got over 500 digital titles, and it's like a nostalgia machine. "Newer" games like Xenoblade Chronicles for a sort of open world experience, the dragon quest games, bravery, all the Nintendo games, just everything. Then the ds back log.

It's just the perfect machine. I've a PC for anything the switch does as far as genres send a ton of other PC specific genres, and having a surface pro (I've been playing Skyrim, modded, Witcher 3, dark souls, fun games like Torchlight, that I've four of the top mods to this day and have made several of the areas and skins, weapon packs and classes, the sequel, Darksiders, etc. All portable. And then move to the cloud Via steam after jump off of offline mode, and have a good four hour battery, great stability, a real controller and thousands and thousands of games. The switch is like a cheap knock off of what I own but if you didn't have a heavy investment in the 3ds or PC, the switch is quite interesting and very attractive.

But, the only thing I hate is that damn resolution on my portable. I'd never noticed it until I'd sold the vita, wish id never done so as I miss peace Walker, third bday, a lot of other psp titles, dragons crown, salt and sanctuary, god eater, soul sacrifice, I could go on.

But the 3ds, just has the best compilation of great games, nostalgia driven, I'd love to see that fake leak of link to the past running tlbw style, a new or even another Metroid remake, all the monster hunters (all three are great, and equally playable, hoping for XX) so I love the 3ds and DS but overall hate the hardware. Loved the vita and software but it just didn't scratch the gaming itch, and a lot of games have now come to PC and steam.

Think I'm getting too old and seeing investments. I was the generation of consumers that build this Industry. Im s concept artist and have worked with konami, Bethesda, redwood shores (dead space 1/2) and have been a part of it at well. Seeing the new gen, im out. The 3ds just the closest to s GameCube on the go. I'm satisfied with that.
Conceptual Artist and Avid Gamer

User Info: Upokupo

6 months ago#5
I wanted to quote inhuman but what a post :) I share the same mentality. Even had a vita and sold it. But, I love my 3ds. I just don't have the funds at the moment to invest in a switch. I want one. It looks amazing and is a bit further down the pipeline than I had wanted.

I got an atari for Christmas when I was seven years old and it first came out. That's how old I am. Been playing ever since and has been a rewarding hobby. I remember playing pong when it first came out on a machine that had only 4 games on it when I was even younger. I'm guessing that is considered 2 bit graphics.
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User Info: ScytheXero

6 months ago#6
I am going to get a lot of hate for saying this... I hated ZBOTW. It was a fusion of Skyrim and Shadows of Mordor for me. The Dungeons were 3 minutes long, the weapon break system, just the whole concept was a complete turn off. I am enjoying Xenoblade 2 even though it's far from being a perfect game. I have that, Mario Kart 8, Dragon ball Xenoverse 2, and I will have Mario come tomorrow for my birthday. I find myself going back to my 3DS a lot because of my back log of games I am playing. The Switch is great but my 3DS feels more personal to me.
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User Info: StephenYap3

6 months ago#7
I like my Switch countrymiles more than my DS, but (at the moment) I like my 3DS more than my Switch.
Still waiting for a good Mario Tennis and Paper Mario RPG, Camelot and Intelligent Systems. R.I.P. Miiverse 2012 - 2017.

User Info: jimi_dini

6 months ago#8
Inhuman-Art posted...
But the 3ds, just has the best compilation of great games

Seeing the new gen, im out.

Fully agreed and signed.

I especially can't stand publishers, who are even too cheap to put the whole game on cart, but instead tell you to download half of it from the internet. See Resident Evil Revelations. Bayonetta. Xenoblade 2.

I want physical games. I want games that I can play when the company shuts down servers.
And I also do not want or need last gen ports.

Those things also decrease the value of physical games, because well they aren't really physical anymore and the first time buyer loses a lot of value immediately after redeeming the download, which is also a disgrace.

Seeing Nintendo shutting down Wii eShop in just 2 months (*) means that they will of course do the same for every other system quite soon. Which means from that point on getting those games won't be possible, which means those games / content will be lost - unless you go the illegal pirate way and I do not want to do that either.

This of course also includes updates, which is why I really can't stand what Nintendo is currently doing. See their day 1 patch for their latest Mario game.
Nintendo can't be bothered to test their games out anymore. Also see Metroid Samus Returns and Federation Force on the 3DS. The latter even got patched, but still crashes when you do things that speedrunners are doing (for example placing mines where enemies will spawn later - the game likes to crash then)
In just some years you may still be able to buy it on ebay, but you will effectively get a beta version of it.

The updates themselves even COULD be stored on the carts by simply putting a tiny bit of flash memory inside them. But nope. That would cost a bit of money, so why bother.

If companies like Sierra On-Line would have done so 25 years ago, tons of their games would be lost.

(*) officially they are making it impossible for people to charge their accounts with money, which means you won't really be able to buy more games and they already mentioned that they will shut down everything at a later date. Sony has already done so with at least 2 of their stores - Playstation Mobile and PSP Digital Comics store. Which is why no one should EVER buy any game digitally especially when physical purchases are possible.
"On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."
--Satoru Iwata, 1959-2015 R.I.P.

User Info: Rittu

6 months ago#9
This thread has been an interesting read. I've never had the chance to play a Switch, but I'm curious as to how the 'feel' is, in comparison to the 3DS. I'm sure you guys might just need to give it more time and more games. I understand the comment about the 3DS feeling personal, I carried that thing all over Europe with me, on three seperate occasions. Don't think I would be doing that with my Switch.
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User Info: PoorRetroGamer

6 months ago#10
The only thing the Switch does better than the 3DS is graphics and the quality of the screen.

I really dont care for the stupid and expensive joy cons motion controls.

I miss the 2nd display.

Also I have problems playing the Switch in handheld mode, its very unconfortable.
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