Anyone been playing Legend of Dark Witch 3?

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User Info: lukeskywalker66

4 months ago#11
Forgot it was out until I saw the thread; went out and downloaded it. After about two stages I was somewhat alarmed. "Did they really axe boss weapons, shot types, and the last two Tres slots? Are they going to make me fight a tank mini-boss on every stage? Is the rest of the soundtrack going to suck?" Sadly, all of them turned out to be true. Although going back and finishing some more stages (and accidentally discovering hard mode) I warmed up to the game. I greatly appreciated having actual level design after it was nonexistent in 2. Zizou Hard was comparable to 1's difficulty (although 3 has a laughably easy final boss.) After all, my main expectation / hope for the game was that it could have 1's difficulty and 2's bonus features, but if I had to pick between them I'd obviously take the former.

I had the same reaction to the bonus character. I actually enjoyed it in 1 once you had enough Tres to increase her shot length. But since that was nixed in 3... Oh well. The range is even worse if you want the all 3 of the spread shot to home in the boss.
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User Info: rainfall789

4 months ago#12
keyblader1985 posted...
You guys suppose there's any chance they'll do an update to add more post-game content? I heard a rumor that the game may have been rushed for a 2017 release, so they may not have been finished with everything they wanted to do.

I think Dark Witch 2 got patched at some point, so it's probably a possibility. The difficulty jumps up a lot between Hard and Lunatic, so it would be nice to have a double health bar or something like that available to make it more manageable.
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  3. Anyone been playing Legend of Dark Witch 3?

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