Is Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns worth picking up?

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User Info: rpeopler

4 months ago#1
Being an avid fan of Stardew Valley (my personal 2016 GOTY), I've recently invested a decent amount of time into the Harvest Moon series. I've only played Harvest Moon SNES, Friends of Mineral Town and Rune Factory 4, so I haven't played too many entries. How is Trio of Towns? Is it worth a purchase?

User Info: Llama_mama

4 months ago#2
It's pretty good, it's better than the previous Story of Seasons and the new Harvest Moon games. It doesn't have any fighting though.
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 months ago#3
It's one of the better Bokujo. I'd say better than the majority, if not all, with the exception of Animal Parade which is, objective FPS issues and subjective day-night cycle aside, easily the pinnacle of the series.

Personally I liked it well enough but hated how the game embraced the fact it was on handheld a little too much with how it oversimplified mining, the 3D models with piss-poor animation variety expressing themselves more through static pictures and emotes, and how tiny the world was despite having three towns.

Keep in mind Rune Factory is a separate series. Even though the first game was branded as "A Fantasy Harvest Moon". And the bokujo games do not have its emphasis on RPG elements.
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User Info: Osterreich

4 months ago#4
It is the best "bokujou monogatari"(the series known as harvest moon in the past) imo. However, if you like the fightning aspect of rf4 more, then this might no be the right game for you. The simulation/social/farming aspects of this game are really good though!

User Info: MeowMixMax

4 months ago#5
Its okay, its very very slow with lots of tutorials and unskipable cutscenes that still come up in the 3rd year and later.
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