Just bought Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse for $10

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User Info: spacecowboymike

4 months ago#1
Got this on a whim today at Wal-Mart. Is this one pretty good?

User Info: lukeskywalker66

4 months ago#2
Yeah, it's easily the best MegaTen game on the system. (For now anyway; it might be superseded by SJR, but we'll have to wait a year.) Of course as with all SMT games, I'd suggest not getting too attached to the plot.
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User Info: AuraChannelerCh

4 months ago#3
It refines some of the frustrating mechanics it had for its prequel, making it a really good RPG.

Its story isn't as strong as the prequel's, though.
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User Info: green dragon

green dragon
4 months ago#4
Woah, ten bucks? I'm jelly

User Info: Salocool

4 months ago#5
The dungeons, the random battles and the story/dialogues are completely mindless so... It ain't a good game by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have some moderately competent assets (still miles away from the PS2 era) and a somewhat enjoyable customization system.

Bosses are usually fun tho, thank god for that at the very least.
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User Info: SymphonicGlory

4 months ago#6
How'd you get for only $10 there?
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User Info: Rittu

4 months ago#7
spacecowboymike posted...
Is this one pretty good?

Well I paid $50 for it so... /goes off to sulk

Except not because it is still worth it.
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User Info: supremeblaster

4 months ago#8
It's the best RPG on 3DS, period. Was worth even the 50 bucks.
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User Info: SaturnSnowman

4 months ago#9
I played about 15-20 hours worth of it. I liked it a lot. Great atmosphere, good music, interesting story. But, I guess it got too repetitive or something because I got bored and stopped playing.
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User Info: ShadowElite86

4 months ago#10
SymphonicGlory posted...
How'd you get for only $10 there?

I'm wondering the same. Sounds like it was probably on clearance at their store. The website shows $36.98.
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