Pick 2 of these 4 games for me

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User Info: ThatSageGuy

7 months ago#21
Mario and metroid.
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User Info: shamfuru

7 months ago#22
I got all 4 around $25 each at best buy
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User Info: _Dog

7 months ago#24
^ Nice deal!
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User Info: shamfuru

7 months ago#25
_Dog posted...
^ Nice deal!

You still have one more day to do it. Just make two separate transactions.

Remove the cancer, take back your souls

User Info: Tymothy

7 months ago#26
I support used game so I will said go for all 4 and buy according to the length of the game. Sell back after finished it.

1. samus returns

Go for Samus Return 1st because is shorter and you can finished it within a week.

2nd. mario & luigi super star saga

I only played the GBA version and I remember it is not very long. Should be finished within a month.


Its very grinding and not many story but fun in battle and relationship. Maybe need more than a month to finished it.

4. Monster Hunter Stories

If you want collect them all rare monste
. It will took you many hours game play.

If can choose 2 only, go for Samus Return and Monster Hunter Stories. Because both are difference genre and 1 is shortest length another 1 is longest length of gameplay. If finished Samus Return still have Monster Hunter Stories to play.

Ps: Miitopia is a Fun game but not worth usd39.99. I will said if usd19.99 is a definate buy. usd 25 still can consider. But among the 4 games. Better choose the 2 I recommend

User Info: Radbot42

7 months ago#27
Mario and Luigi
Samus returns
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User Info: ParagonCrossing

7 months ago#28
uhh... why is this even a question? samus returns & monster hunter stories
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