Games you likely didn't even know existed on 3DS...or at least forgot about

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User Info: pikachupwnage

3 months ago#1
Going by gamefaqs standards and not counting blatant shovelware. People keep up pretty close with RPGs

Cut the rope.

Yup. Cut the rope got an eshop port AND it also got a three game retail port too. The original + experiments and time travel.


A-Train City Simulator

Crosswords plus

This was actually developed by Nintendo. Nintendo Software Technology(the guys who make the Mario vs DK minis games).

Aside from sometimes dodgy handwriting’s pretty good crossword solving. Over 1000 crosswords that get can pretty clever. Ranging from easy to very hard and ranging in size from a 4x4 grid all the way to 31x31.

Gotta Protectors

Yeah this game and it’s artwork is damn crazy but just about every review and the five people online who have played it seems to think it’s actually really good.

Go Go Kokopolo 3D. Space Recipe for disaster.

It’s a “chase-em up” and sequel to the very obscure DSiWare game Go Go Kokopolo.

Sudoku Party.

It’s sudoku. With multiplayer. Competitive Online multiplayer. Yeah. The few reviews I have seen actually gave it a good score.

The Kutar Series.

A bunch of simple and zany 99 cent games similar to a game and watch game...just keep going for a high score. The main character is a cat called Kutar and when you lose he...just stops and gets kinda fat/strechted I dunno it’s weird AF.

Steel Empire

It’s actually a remake. IIRC the original was on Sega genesis. Also on of the very few SHMUPS on 3DS. Used to be 29.99 which is laughable for a eshop only game that is so short even if it’s good, but it dropped to 9.99 awhile ago.

Squids Odyssey.

Hakouki memories of the shinsengumi

Summer Carnival Recca 92

Technically not a 3DS game but it had a very limited release and it only was released outside Japan on 3DS eshop.

Tokyo Crash Mobs

Yeah...this game is weird.

The Dead Heat Breakers.

Yup there is another Dilon’s rolling western game coming out.

The Denpa Men they came by wave

The game got decent attention back when it came out but I feel like everyone forgot about it. You find different little “denpa men” via different places wi-fi and catch them. You explore dungeons and do turn based combat. It’s kinda like weird teletubby dragon Quest. The second game adds a world map and other such things and the third has some life sim kinda stuff. Like houses for the denpa man and such.

They look kinda like teltubbies or tingle...just not as hideous.
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User Info: nowshining

3 months ago#2
Kutar is suppose to neither cat nor dog according to the description.
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User Info: LuigiFan835

3 months ago#3
The Denpa Men and Dillon’s Rolling Western games are the best ones out of those imo.
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